Super King vs Double

A Mattress Size Comparison Guide

Are you planning to buy a new bed or mattress but are confused between a super king vs double bed size? To ease your stress, this blog presents a super king vs double bed size comparison based on their sizes in the UK. It also covers the pros and cons of each bed type and things you should consider before buying one.

Super King vs Double Bed Dimensions

The Super king bed dimensions are 180 x 200cm or 6’0” x 6’6” and are made of two single mattresses linked together. Hence, it is wider and taller than the double size bed. Super king fits couples and even a pet or a child. Super king mattresses offer next-level comfort and give a luxurious look to your room. However, you need a master bedroom to fit in a super king mattress along with furniture and other items in your room.

Double bed dimensions are 135 x 190cm or 4’5” x 6’3”, which makes it ideal for couples and single adults who want to sleep with extra sleeping space and legroom. Double size beds are highly comfortable plus occupy reasonable space in the bedroom.

Super King vs Double Bed Comparison

Parameters Super King Bed Double Bed
Dimensions 180 x 200cm
(6’0” x 6’6”)
135 x 190cm
(4’5” x 6’3”)
Best for/Ideal for Couples and tall people Couples and single adults
Recommended Room Size 14 by 19 feet 9 feet by 9.6 feet

Super King: Pros and Cons

  • Stylish look and offers luxury and comfort
  • Best fit for tall people
  • Couples can enjoy a perfect sleeping position without disturbing each other
  • Provide decluttering bed frame and added storage like side drawers
  • Easy to move two single mattresses than one large, heavy mattress
  • Both partners can choose different mattresses that suit their body weight and type

  • Only fits in large bedrooms
  • Pricer than the standard mattress sizes
  • Not all companies make super king bed size mattresses
  • Heavy and difficult to transport
  • Bed and accessories may be expensive than the standard mattress size
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Double: Pros and Cons

  • Best suits single teen or adult or single elderly person who doesn’t move around a lot
  • Ideal for two kids sharing a bed
  • Easily available
  • Fits in small bedroom sizes
  • Easy to move from one location to another
  • Affordable compared to a super king bed
  • Linen is affordable than bigger bed sizes

  • Insufficient leg room for people taller than 6’
  • Not very comfortable for two adults
  • Doesn’t support co-sleeping with a pet or a child
  • Buying the linen costs higher than buying a single size bed
  • Base and the mattress are more expensive compared to buying a single bed
What is a King Size Mattress?

What Should You Consider When Deciding Between Buying a Super King or a Double Bed?

Number of Sleepers

Single sleepers who want to enjoy ample space can opt for a double size bed. It can also fit two average-sized adults but doesn’t provide sound, comfortable sleep. However, double beds are a little uncomfortable for taller people.

Super king size bed is ideal for two adults with more wiggle room and leg space for people taller than 6’. Most couples demand a super king bed. This bed contains two single mattresses that zip together, each partner can choose the firmness (that suits their body type) for their side of the bed.


When buying a bed of any size you need to buy a mattress, foundation, bed frame and other accessories as well. Depending on the brand and location of the manufacturer, the price of the super king vs double bed and accessories may vary. Customised beds are expensive as compared to ready-made beds.

You need to fix the budget keeping in mind the total expenditure for a super king or a double bed size and that will ease your decision-making.

Room size

Considering the double bed vs super king bed dimensions, you need a large bedroom for a super king bed whereas a double bed can easily fit in a small to an average-sized bedroom.

Purchasing the bed only to find it congests your room can be a waste of money and your efforts. Replacement is also a daunting process! Hence, consider your room size and draw the super king or double bed measurements on the room floor using a measuring tape. Check out if buying a super king size bed vs double leaves your room as functional and visually appealing as before.

Bed Frame Size

Bed frames may not always be the same as the mattress size. Some companies manufacture beds that are a few inches wider than the mattress sizes to provide adequate support. If you have space limitations, you can order slim frames that are closer to the mattress size.

Bottom Line

Super king vs double bed: the former is wider and taller than the latter. While a super king bed is ideal for couples, a double bed is ideal for single and too narrow for two adults. Unlike double beds, super king beds consume a large part of a bedroom. Please note bed mattress sizes vary from country to country and there are different names used for British, European and American mattress sizes. So, consider your location for the correct mattress size before placing an order. To make the right choice between super king vs double mattress size consider your budget, room size, your sleep requirements and availability of bed accessories.

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Frequently Asked Question

What size is a single bed?

A single bed size measures 90 x 190cm (3’0” x 6’3”)

What bed size is the largest of all UK mattress sizes?

Emperor bed size 215 x 215cm (7’0” x 7’0”) is the largest of all UK mattress sizes.

Do mattress dimensions vary by country?

Yes. In the UK double bed dimensions are 135 x 190cm (4’5” x 6’3”), whereas in the US its dimensions are 136 x 189cm (4’5” x 6’2”).

In the UK, super king bed dimensions are 180 x 200cm (6’0” x 6’6”), whereas in Europe the mattress dimensions are 200 x 200cm (6’6” x 6’6”)