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£296.10 £329


£296.10 £329

Provide a perfect nights sleep for your guests with this stylish space saver.  Practical 2 seat, futon-style sofa bed in dark grey fabric. A perfect fit for any room.

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 •  2 year warranty

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Standard £296.10 £329

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Product Specs


Measurements & Dimensions

Sofa Dimensions (cm)

Height : 85

Seat Height : 40

Width : 125

Length : 80

Bed Dimensions (cm)

Height : 25

Width : 125

Length : 190

Parcel Dimensions - 1 parcel H133 x W132 x D29cm



Construction materials

    Legs - Light wood

    Fabric - 100% polyester

    Foam type - Polyethylene 

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Nonstop air flow

What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam, also called viscoelastic foam, was originally devloped by NASA to cushion astronauts during takeoff. Modern memory foam matttresses use an advanced form of this technology to achieve the same thing - to uniquely contour to your body and provide optimum support across constantly changing sleeping positions and pressure points.

Minimize Motion Transfer

Which Is the best memory foam mattress?

It's the thickness of the memory foam layers within the mattress that provide support so generally more memory foam is better. Nectar memory foam layers are 9cm deep. The best memory foam mattress gives optimum comfort and support for all body weights, sleep positions and sleeping conditions. The quality and construction of the memory foam gives better comfort from increased air circulation, plus as well as more durability.

Nonstop air flow

How thick of a memory foam mattress is best?

It's the memory foam in a memory foam mattress that gives you the unique pressure relieving support. The thickness of memory foam in mattresses generally ranges from 3cm to 10cm. The average body weight requires 7-8cm of memory foam with side sleepers requiring a little more support due to added presses on shoulders and hips.

Minimize Motion Transfer

How long does memory foam mattress last

Memory foam is known for its durability due to its unique contouring properties. It is recommended that you change a normal matress every 6-8 years although a memory foam mattress can be expected to provide support from 10-15 years with a well-kept, higher quality memory foam mattress lasting for longer.

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