Climate Partner

Climate Partner

Nectar: A Partner in Climate Protection

Taking big steps to reduce our carbon footprint with ClimatePartner

Here at Nectar we believe that a good night’s sleep is crucial to good health, and that a reduced carbon footprint is healthy for the planet. That’s why we’re proud to hold certification with ClimatePartner as a recognised partner in climate protection.

Founded in 2006, in Munich, ClimatePartner is a leading solutions provider for corporate climate protection. They advise on climate protection strategies and reduction measures, and help implement customised solutions for calculating and offsetting CO2 emissions. This process helps us achieve climate neutrality and peace of mind for conscientious consumers like you. Not to mention we sleep a whole lot easier, too, on an environmentally-aware mattress.

When we first began our journey into creating the bed of your dreams (and ours, too), we knew that we only wanted to use the most comfortable, supportive and premium materials. We also knew that we wanted the process – from manufacturing, through to delivery to your door – to be simple, honest, and good for all.

At Nectar, we do our best to contribute to climate protection while offering up industry-leading solutions to sleep. And that’s why we knew that ClimatePartner would be the perfect partnership for us in our mission to do good by you and the environment. So, how does this partnership work?

Nectar Mattress Stitching

ClimatePartner calculates the CO2 emissions of our mattresses (from our perfectly formed Single through to our roomy Super-King sized) according to international standards. The calculated sum is known as the Corporate Carbon Footprint, and through our partnership with ClimatePartner, we’re taking big steps to reduce ours. ClimatePartner takes into consideration the materials used, the production process, and the packaging that goes into protecting your new mattress and delivering it safely to your door.

Our certification with ClimatePartner means that we’re actively engaged in climate protection with the calculation of the carbon footprint of products, and offering climate neutral mattresses as a standard feature.ClimatePartner helps us work with carbon offset projects, meaning that any unavoidable practices don’t have a detrimental impact, but instead provide a “climate neutral” result through offsetting carbon emissions elsewhere.

Nectar Mattress Manufacturing

Offsetting carbon emissions can be just as important as avoidance and reduction when it comes to climate protection overall, because greenhouse gases like CO2 disperse evenly throughout the atmosphere, meaning there’s not one area of the planet where the concentration of greenhouse gases might be higher than another. ClimatePartner helps us sleep better at night, knowing that any emissions that we’ve been unable to avoid can be calculated, and then mathematically offset at another location. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

Nectar champions transparency with our Forever Warranty and 365-night trial period, and transparency in the world of carbon emissions and climate protection is equally important to us. And when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment, we want you to be able to follow our journey, too. That’s why we love that ClimatePartner provides a unique ID code, which you can enter on, allowing you to track the volume of carbon emissions generated by Nectar, and the carbon offset project supported in turn–such as the Forest Protection in Santa Maria, Brazil.

Just as we believe that you have the right to the deep, healthy sleep you deserve, at a smart, honest price, we believe that you have the right to know just how and what our promise to the environment really involves. We’re not only helping to reduce our carbon footprint, but helping take the right steps to protect the environment in the long-run.