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A Mattress Size Comparison Guide

According to a study, we spend one-third of our life either sleeping or lying in bed. Buying a bed that offers you a comfortable sleep is an important investment. Often people are confused between double bed vs king bed size and which one to purchase.

This blog covers dimensions of king size mattress and double mattress size, their pros and cons, and factors to consider before deciding between the king and double bed.

Double Bed vs King Bed: Dimensions

Double bed dimensions are 54 inches (4 feet 6 inches) wide and 75 inches (6 feet 3 inches) long. With a surface area of 4,050 square inches, a double bed allows enough space for a single sleeper who prefers more space than a twin bed. Two people can sleep on a double bed but it may not be very comfortable. A double bed offers enough legroom for people under 6’ tall.

King size bed dimensions are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. With a surface area of 6080 inches, the king size bed is spacious enough for couples and can easily accommodate children. Two twin XL size beds placed side by side can make one king size bed. A king size bed is ½ a foot bigger than a double bed.

When it comes to double or king mattress size, there is no universal thickness. The thickness or height varies depending on the brand or manufacturer.

Double Bed vs King Bed Comparison

Parameters Double Bed King Bed
Dimensions 54 inches X 75 inches. 76 inches X 80 inches long
Surface Area 4,050 square inches 6,080 square inches
Best for/Ideal for Single adults less than 6′ tall Couples who need excess sleeping space; couples sleeping with a pet or a child
Recommended Room Size 9 feet by 9.6 feet 13 feet by 13 feet

What is a King Size Mattress?


  • Ideal for couples
  • Plenty of sleeping space to spread out without disturbing your partner
  • Can also accommodate a child or a pet
  • Accessories are easily accessible


  • Heavy and difficult to transport
  • Expensive than smaller size mattresses
  • Doesn’t fit or maybe cramped in room size smaller than 13 by 13 feet
  • An adjustable base may make it difficult to move the mattress especially when one partner sleeps in a style different from other
What is a King Size Mattress?

What is a Queen Double Mattress?


  • Best suits single teen or adult or single elderly person who doesn’t move around a lot
  • Ideal for two kids sharing a bed
  • Readily available because it is a common bed size
  • Affordable compared to a king size bed
  • Linen is not expensive than bigger bed sizes
  • Fits in small room sizes
  • Easy to move


  • It may not be very comfortable for two adults
  • Uncomfortable for people taller than 6’
  • Not good for co-sleeping with pets or children
  • Base and the mattress are costlier than a single bed
  • Linen is more expensive to buy than a single bed
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What Should You Consider Before Deciding Between a King and a Double Bed?


Both the bed and the mattress size have a significant impact on the cost. You also need to accessories your bed with blankets, sheets, foundation, bed frames that will add to the total expenses. So, fix your budget and that will help you decide between king size bed vs double.

Room size

Considering the king size bed measurements you will need a large room - at least 13 feet by 13 feet. It takes more space than a double bed that can easily fit in room size 9 feet by 9.6 feet. You must consider your room size and if placing the double bed vs king bed will leave the space for walking and furniture. Once purchased it is tough to replace!

Bed frame size

Some brands manufacture king size beds that are 3-5 inches wider than the king mattress sizes and the benefit is adequate support. Some bed frames like platform bed frames, solid wood frames, and sleigh beds can consume more room space. If you have space limitations you can buy a slim metal frame or any other frame size that is closer to the mattress size.

Sleep requirements

You need to consider the number of sleepers before buying a double bed or king bed. A double bed is sufficient for a single sleeper or two kids. For couples who want extra space to stretch out or move, a king size bed is an ideal choice. The next thing you should consider is your height. While a double bed size is best for those less than 6′ tall, a king bed is perfect for those more than 6′ tall (so they can sleep without their feet dangling).

Bottom line

A double bed is narrower than a king bed, but wider than a twin bed. While a double bed is worth buying for a single adult, king size is an ideal choice for couples and co sleepers. Buying a bed is an expensive endeavor and you want it to last long. Before buying a double bed vs king bed, you must consider your budget, room size, and personal sleep needs.

More on Mattress Sizes

To know more about double bed vs king bed give us a call today!

To know more about double bed vs king bed give us a call today!

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the biggest bed size?

The Alaskan King is the biggest and longest bed size that is 108 inches wide and 108 inches long.

Which is the best bed size?

There is no best bed size for all. The best bed size is the one that fits your budget, room size, and meets your sleep needs.