Double vs King

A Mattress Size Comparison Guide


Among the many options of mattresses available on the market, you must have gotten confused between king size vs double, along with the pros and cons of a double bed and a single bed. But how to choose one and which one do you need?

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What is the Difference between King Size vs Double Bed?

The major difference between King Size Bed and a Full Bed is the size. King beds are 5 inches longer and 22 inches wider than a standard double bed, aka full size mattress.

Below added is a table for your reference.

Parameters King Size Mattress Double Bed
Length 80 inches 75 inches
Width 76 inches 54 inches
Recommended Room Size 12 Ft x 12 Ft 10 Ft x 12 Ft
Ideal for
  • Couple with kids (2)
  • Tall people
  • Couples
  • Singles

What Is a Double Bed?

In between a queen and a twin size bed falls a double bed. A double bed provides a little less sufficient space for a single adult but might feel a little confined for couples. Full and double are identical. Double beds aren’t advertised in the United States since they have started using the term full more frequently. In contrast, double is used more commonly than full in the rest of the world. The terms double and full refer to the exact size of a mattress. Even though it’s smaller in size, it can fit two people.


Let us go through some of the pros of a double bed:

  • Due to its size, it is found to be the Ideal bed for single people.
  • It can fit well into most spaces. It fits better than a queen or a king-size bed.
  • They are available easily since they are more common than other beds.
  • They are found to be less pricey than a queen or king-size bed.


Let us go through some of the cons of a double bed:

  • These can’t fit more than two people.
  • They can be uncomfortable for couples due to their lesser space.
  • The base and mattress of a double bed are costly compared to a single bed.
  • These aren’t recommended for taller people.

What Is a King Bed?

The king-size bed dimensions are one of the largest sizes of mattresses available on the market. There are two sizes of king-size beds available in the United States. The two types are California king-size beds and standard king-size beds. While a standard king size mattress occupies space that is similar to the size of two twin size beds, a California king is narrower and longer than a standard king size bed. The king-size bed dimensions are generally 76 inches by 80 inches. These are preferred by couples who need more space while sleeping since this bed is comparatively larger.


Let us go through the pros of a king-size bed:

  • King-sized beds are better for people who sleep on their stomachs or backs.
  • These beds have additional 16 inches as compared to a queen-sized bed. Due to this, they are comparatively longer.
  • These beds are more spacious than others.
  • For taller people, these beds are better.


The cons of a king-size bed:

  • King size beds can be heavier than other beds.
  • As compared to other beds in the market, these beds are heavier.
  • If an individual has a smaller bedroom, the mattresses won’t fit.

What Should You Choose Between a Double vs King Size Bed?

You need to consider a few things before choosing between double vs king size beds depending on the difference between double and king. The first thing to consider is whether to sleep alone or with your partner on a king size vs double bed. If you share your bed, you will need a king-size mattress, and if not, a double bed will do. The second thing is the size of the room. If you have a smaller room, you should choose a double bed, but if you have more space in your room, you can choose a king-size bed. The third thing to make sure of if you plan on sleeping with your partner, pets, or children is to choose a bigger mattress; that is, a king bed should be preferred. The fourth thing could be your budget. Between double vs king size, if you want affordable bedding, you should choose a double bed.


In this article, we discussed what is double vs king-size, the difference between double and king beds, and the pros and cons of a double bed and a king bed. By reading the above-written details, you can make an informed decision when choosing between double vs king size beds.


It is a better choice if you have a bigger room and require a larger mattress with more space for you, your partner, pets, or children.

Since a king size mattress is larger than a double bed, it won’t fit on a double bed.