What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

Written by Nectarsleep Editorial Team

Last updated on Sep 08, 2023

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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

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We spend a third of our lives sleeping for a very good reason: the crucial time we spend in bed helps our bodies and minds repair, reboot, and relax. When we rest, we’re switching off, right? Well, not quite. Turns out our hours sleeping are just as active as our awake ones. Turns out, as we rest and settle into a comfortable position at night, we’re still sending out clues as to the kind of people we are by day, and the sleeping positions we choose to rest in say as much about our personalities as they do about our comfort preferences.

So are you a Yearner, or a Log? A Soldier or a Starfish? And are we a nation of worriers, or a bunch of carefree and confident folk? Read on to find out the surprising things your sleeping positions say about you --and what your loved ones sleeping positions might mean, too.

The Foetal Position: Careful Thinker

It’s the nation’s most popular sleep position, with more of us adopting this pose when we head to bed—and with good reason. Not only does this sleep stance have a nurturing, comforting feel to it, sleeping in the foetal position can provide support to your back and neck, too, which is great for aches and pains. So what does this sleeping position say about you? If you’re a foetal sleeper, you sleep on your side, with your legs folded up underneath you. So, do you curl up womb-style? Chances are you’re very good at compartmentalising and organising, but you can be something of an over-thinker and an unnecessary worrier. You’re conscientious, with an often perceived hard exterior, but you’re as sensitive as a baby, really. Aw!

The Yearner Position: The Go-Getter

A quarter of us Brits are yearners, sleeping on our sides with our arms outstretched—it looks like our sleeping selves are reaching out for all that we hope will come our way! Yearners are open-minded folk who love chasing after their goals—but don’t expect them to come to any kind of decision quickly. But while yearners may deliberate and take their time, when it comes to making a final choice, they’re true to their word and stick to it. Yearners can be their own worst critics, but they do make great, reliable friends.

The Log Position: Not Budging an Inch

Nearly three in every ten of us Brits sleep like a log every night—and you just try and get them to change! These side sleepers rest in a side stance, with their backs, arms, and legs kept straight. But while log sleepers can be rigid and inflexible in their thinking, they can very social and easily trusting. They can, however, be a little stubborn, despite their easy-going attitude, and you’ll rarely be in a position to change their mind.

The Soldier Position: Always on Guard

These no-nonsense back sleepers rest with their arms straight at their sides, and are rather reserved, private people. They don’t like making a fuss, yet they are holders of pretty high standards for themselves and others. While they are quiet and focused, and can take themselves quite seriously, they’re honest and dependable people. Let’s face it: we could always do with someone who keeps us in line from time to time.

The Freefall Position: Living (and Sleeping) on the Edge

Despite being considered the least comfortable position to sleep in, seventeen percent of the nation goes to sleep on their stomachs in the freefall position. With their heads resting to one side, and our arms wrapped around a pillow, the freefall sleeper craves stability, feeling they lack control. Freefallers fend off anxiety by living on the edge, taking risks and having fun. They can be outspoken, but they do make great friends and can be very good listeners.

The Starfish Position: Open To All

The starfish sleep position is something of a rarity for UK sleepers, but shouldn’t be overlooked. These wide-spreading sleepers lie on their backs with their arms and legs spread, and just as they like to make the most of every inch of space in bed, they love to make the most of opportunity, and are pretty positive thinkers. Despite being something of a space-hog, these carefree sleepers are great listeners and make for very loyal friends who love to provide support—perhaps this is why they stretch out their limbs! But if you happen to share your bed with a starfish sleeper, then you know that they can tend to be unaware and sometimes selfish, too.

Sleep Styles Shared

Think it’s just your solo sleeping that reveals the kind of person you are? If you sleep with a loved one, the chances are you’ve gone through phases of spooning, going back to back, or even tangle your limbs when you both fall asleep. Yup—there’s plenty your sleep position with a partner can reveal about your relationship, too. But while eighty-six percent of those who sleep less than an inch apart at night are reportedly happy, if you happen to sleep facing away from your loved one, or with minimal limbs touching, you needn’t despair. Early relationships tend to favour tangled limbs and intimacy, whereas more established, trusting relationships value their independence and are trusting of one another. Besides, while a hug goodnight can be lovely, there’s nothing wrong with rolling over into your favoured position to ensure you enjoy your own good night’s rest.

You might not be able to change your personality or your sleeping habits, but you can make sure you get the best night’s rest in any one of your favoured sleeping positions with the right mattress and pillow. So, if you’re a freefaller or a foetal sleeper, you can rest easy knowing we can provide the comfort and support you need to help your personality – when awake or sleeping – shine. Try a Nectar mattress and see the difference it makes in your life. Your new sleeping position just might be jumping for joy!