Spooning - What is Spooning & Its Secret Benefits For Your Health

What Is Spooning

What Is Spooning | Spooning is a cuddling position is where two people lie side-by-side with your partner facing the same direction.

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Finding Comfort In Spooning​

Spooning is a kind of embrace that is often enjoyed in bed, but it does not necessarily include the act of lovemaking. It is something that many people often think and speak so fondly of. It is a very intimate kind of cuddling where the participants lie on their sides and snuggle up against each other’s back. Women find it comforting and reassured of their partner’s love and devotion for them.

Big Soon & Little spoon

The big spoon refers to the outside position of the partner while the small spoon is the inner partner in the position.

Cuddling and spooning distinguished

We often ask the question – Is cuddling and spooning similar? To answer this question, spooning has a set position, while cuddling does not have one. Or to put it in another way, you can cuddle without spooning, but spooning is a form of cuddling.

The Underlying Theory Behind Spooning

Relationship experts note that big spoon and small spoon cuddling is a favorite of couples who have been together for years. In a heterosexual relationship, most of the time, the male partner who would be the bigger spoon in most spoon cuddling positions. Whenever the woman assumes the big spoon, it is a good sign that she is the very giving partner.

Another underlying theory behind spooning is that the big spoon or outer spoon is the protector who offers comfort to the small spoon that is the more submissive partner. Oftentimes, this is the position that many new couples take on as they feel it creates a ‘special bond’ for them.

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Spooning Types And Positions

Cuddling or spooning can come in various types and position too. For various partners, their preferences in spooning can vary depending on their comfort levels, need for intimacy, and whether they are in bed, sofa or elsewhere. There are those that spoon very close to each other, while there are those that allow a good amount of space for simply being cosy and intimate. Here are the various positions:

The Classic spoon

The classic spoon, as the name denotes, is indeed spooning position preferred by many couples. In this position, the couple must decide who gets to be the small spoon and the big spoon. Both partners lie on their sides, with the smaller spoon safely nestled in the inner part, and the big spoon is outside hugging the small spoon closer. The back of the small spoon is moulded close to the partner’s chest or stomach area. The lower legs are in a position that can vary depending on the couple’s preferences.

The Ball And Spoon

Another popular spoon cuddling position is known as the ball and spoon. It is where both people lie sideways with the small spoon set in almost a fetal position. The big spoon’s stomach or chest nestles next to the small spoon’s back, and the big spoon’s lower legs all stretched to allow for more space in between.

The Upside Down 'y'

This upside down ‘Y’ position for spooning is an excellent way for couples to enjoy physical contact with their respective partners while they still have freedom of movement to go around. In this particular position, the lower back of the small and big spoon is touching, and one person is facing the other direction. It is one great way to spoon and still have freedom of movement. Upside Down Y is ideal for those couples who want to create more intimacy.

Small spoon cuddling

Finally, we have the small spoon cuddling. In this particular spooning position, the couple would switch their common spooning angle. The woman who is often regarded as the small spoon will take on the role of the bigger spoon. Men love this spooning position as they find it nurturing.

Spooning Positions Preferences

Does the type of spooning position make any difference for the couples? The answer is it can. The ‘Y’ position may place less stress on the neck. In a traditional spooning position, the small spoon can get a stressed or kinked neck in the morning as the big spoon’s arms are positioned right under their neck part.

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The Unexpected And Surprising Benefits Of Spooning

There are instinctual concepts that come into play as spooning is known to trigger strong emotions among partners. “The largest organ we have on our bodies is our skin, and the primal urge to have skin-to-skin contact for the majority of humans is due to our desire to be soothed, comforted and loved,” says Sari Cooper, founder of The Center for Love and Sex in New York City; a private practice specializing in individual and couples therapy, as well as sex therapy.

Couples feel closer

Therapists recognise that the use of spooning strategies in therapeutic sessions can help couples feel closer. By devoting at least 5 to 10 minutes of spooning, where bodies touch as close as possible, magic can happen to couples. At the end of the therapy, couples would report that they feel a lot closer physically and that it triggers emotional closeness too.

Enhances Intimacy levels

Yet another benefit of spooning is that it can enhance a couple’s togetherness as they share physical intimacy and strengthen their bond as partners.


Spooning is a great alternative for people who have problems connecting after sex. Afterplay is just important as foreplay for sexual satisfaction and the act of spooning enables partners to feel close to each other after lovemaking. They can feel each other’s breath, hear each other’s heartbeat, and become more intimately connected.

Releases the love hormone

Spooning not only relaxes, but it can also release oxytocin at the same time. This is a neurotransmitter and hormone that scientists believe is linked to bonding and sexual arousal. Sex coaches encourage spooning to help couples cultivate better relationships and sexual intimacy.

Spooning is regarded as a form of intimacy that helps the nervous system relax. People are meant to connect to other human beings, and hugging as well as physical touch that happens while spooning can lower blood pressure and dispel anxiety in some people.

Spooning is an easy segue to intercourse

For some, spooning can be a prelude to sexual intercourse. And more often than not, spooning without sexual contact is deemed an easy segue to having sexual intercourse. It enhances arousal in both parties, contributing to the warmth and comfort brought about by the closeness and intimacy of the position. Many regard spooning itself as a sex position. Sex experts suggest that the outer spoon is the giver, while the inner spoon is the receiving partner.

Spooning can reduce pain

Research shows some evidence that cuddling or spooning may have the surprising ability to reduce pain. Spooning with a partner helps in releasing feel-good hormones which in turn can reduce stress levels in both partners.