Pillow Sizes and Dimensions Guide

This article discusses the pillow sizes and their dimensions to help you choose the right one for your bed.


We have emphasized a lot of mattresses and beds. But that isn't all to a good night's sleep. Pillow sizes play a significant role in helping you with escaping into a deep sleep. They support your neck and help you with a balanced posture on your bed. 

There are types, designs, and different sizes of pillows, and the size of the pillow impacts your neck posture and support. But how do you avoid the wrong size pillow amongst different pillow sizes? This guide helps you choose a perfect pillow size for better sleep, comfort, and support on the bed. First, let's see what pillow sizes available are for you.

Bed Pillow Sizes Chart

We have listed a chart of pillow dimensions for bed pillow sizes below. This list includes all sleeping pillow sizes that help you measure a pillow before buying one, from standard size pillows to body pillows.

Pillow size Dimensions (in inches) Dimensions (in cms)
Standard 20 X 26 51 X 56
Queen 20 X 30 51 X 76
King 20 X 36 51 X 92
Body 20 X 54 51 X 137

Standard Size Pillow Dimensions

Standard pillows' dimensions are mostly 20 by 26 inches. They are a standard size that fits all beds. They are good for people who don't often change their sleeping positions or turn and toss in their beds. However, if you are someone who often turns and tosses on the bed, you may slide off your pillow and develop a neck ache due to a lack of balance.
People who should choose a standard pillowcase:

  • Standard pillows are your choice if you don't turn or toss much on your bed.
  • Stomach sleepers, side sleepers, or back sleepers.
  • People who have standard size beds or other small beds.

Standard pillows are enough to cover twin beds and fit them appropriately. They can be used for full and queen beds too. However, they are not good choices for California king or king-sized beds. 

Super Standard Size Pillow Dimensions

Super standard pillows are the subcategory of pillowcases offered by some bed and mattress manufacturing companies. While the pillowcase sizes of both these categories differ, the length remains the same. 

The dimensions of super standard pillows are 20 by 28 inches. There is no major difference. Hence, you can use them interchangeably. Buying both super standard pillows and standard pillows is not an ideal choice. Therefore, you can choose either one for your bed, which doesn't make much difference. 

However, if you think super standard pillows are a great comfort, you can happily choose them over standard pillowcases.

Queen Size Pillow Dimensions

Queen pillows are 20 by 30 inches in dimensions, but these are not standard sizes because they may vary according to brand. In addition, the queen pillow size is expensive compared to other standard pillow sizes. Hence, it is perfect for people who turn and toss a lot on the bed.

Even if you maintain the posture during your entire sleep cycle, they are more comfortable than other standard-size pillows. A queen-size pillow doesn't look nice on small or standard bed sizes; you can only place one due to its broad dimensions. 

However, they look perfectly in place and fill the beds if you go with queen-sized or king-size beds.

King Size Pillow Dimensions

King pillow is the best choice for large-sized beds. The size of a king pillow is typically 20 by 36 inches. It may vary as per different brands. The length of a king-size pillow is pretty extensive. 

Hence, they are a perfect choice for active sleepers and people who turn and toss a lot on their beds during their sleep cycle. Since they are pretty lengthier, you can also use them for back support if you sit on your bed and lean back. 

King pillows make a great choice for any bed. Be it California king size, king beds, queen beds, or even standard beds; it looks full even if you place a king pillow in the middle.

Body Size Pillow Dimensions

The body-size pillows are a lot lengthier compared to all other pillows. But, like king-size pillows, they look perfect and fill the bedding, even small or standard beds. The size of a body pillow is 20 by 54 inches

If you want comfort and support, and length, body-size pillows are the best choice. These are a perfect choice for pregnant women too. Body pillows can be used under the waist or legs for therapeutic relief or experience during sleeping. 

Like king pillows, you can use body pillows as back support. Although these pillows are not as commonly used, they are good for comfort and multi-functional use on your bed.

What are the Different Types of Pillows?

  • Down or feather pillow
  • As the name suggests, down pillows use geese or duck feathers as raw material inside the pillows. As a result, they are extra smooth and soft. Like memory foam, feather pillows take the shape of your head or neck for superior support and comfort. 

    The firmness of this pillow is decided by the density of the feather filled inside the fabric.

  • Memory foam pillow
  • Memory foam is a polyethylene material that is soft and spongy in looks and feels. Most furniture manufacturers use memory foam in mattresses and pillows. 

    Memory foam pillows are the best choice if you suffer from neck or shoulder aches. They take the shape of your head or neck and provide comfortable and smooth support for your neck region. 

  • Polyester pillow
  • If you want to go for affordable choices, the polyester pillow is your go-to choice. Polyester pillows use polyester material as filler material inside the fabric. 

    However, durability is one biggest disadvantage of Polyester pillows. But, they are hypoallergenic and can be washed in the washing machine.

    Why Does Pillow Size Matter?

    After emphasizing beds and mattresses, most people don't pay much attention to pillow sizes. But one wrong size pillow can disturb your sleep cycle and cause discomfort in your neck region. To avoid all these issues, you need to choose a pillow with appropriate dimensions.

    A right pillow supports your neck region and gives it a right posture while asleep. Hence, the dimensions of pillowcases matter over all other factors for a comfortable sleep.

    How To Measure A Pillow?

    First of all, you don't have to measure the dimensions of the pillows on your own because the manufacturer already provides the information on the pillowcase. Even if he doesn't, you can find it through the merchant. 

    Your job is to find a right-sized pillow for all your needs according to your sleeping requirements, bedding preferences, and other factors, whatever you deem fit. 

    You will, however, have a rough idea about the dimensions of the pillow right by looking at it. So, physically measuring it will not lead you anywhere; rather, it is stress. So, pick the right pillow and avoid inefficient sleep due to the wrong pillow size.

    How To Choose The Right Pillow Size?

    1. Your sleeping requirements

    Before picking a pillow, to choose the right size pillow, you need to understand what type of sleeper you are; if you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper who doesn't toss and turn much, small-sized pillows can be a good choice for you. Else, you should pick larger size pillows. 

    2. Bed size

    The bed size is a significant factor you should consider before choosing the right pillow size. Standard pillow size will be your perfect choice if your bed is small. However, if your bed size is larger, you should pick king-sized or body-sized pillows. 

    3. Research sizes

    Do not settle for one-size without doing prior research. When you visit a store or online shopping, search for all the available sizes as much as possible. After going through all the sizes, you will get a clear idea about which one to choose for your bedroom. 

    4. Know the dimensions

    Buying a pillow with a dimensions guide in your hand is a great way to make the right decision. The above guide helps you understand the dimensions thoroughly. In addition to knowing your pillow dimension, you should be aware of the bed and mattress dimensions to make sure that you pick the right pillow.


    Finding the right pillow for your bedding and sleeping requirements is challenging. However, the right dimensions and guide at your disposal can make it easier. This guide is a perfect one to help you choose the right pillow.


    Queen pillows can be snugged into standard pillowcases. If you want to go for a looser look, choose different pillowcases.

    Hotels generally use standard-size pillows. But their choices can vary depending on the size of the bed.

    A memory foam pillow is considered the best pillow type. Most people use memory foam pillows and prefer the same over others.