5 Simple Ways to Streamline and Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Written by Nectarsleep Editorial Team

Last updated on Sep 08, 2023

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5 Simple Ways to Streamline and Fix Your Sleep Schedule

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Once upon a time, you didn't have to worry about how to fix your sleep schedule. You went to bed when it grew dark outside, and rose when the sun did. Life’s gotten a whole lot more complicated since then—but getting the sleep you need needn’t be. Sure, our workloads have increased and the demands on our availability are greater, but should we let our busy lifestyles get in the way of our sleep schedules? We think not. Plus, new data says it's never been more important to your work that you have a good sleep schedule.

Those all-nighters; the to-do list that just won’t quit; that after-work commitment you just couldn’t get out of: it’s all too easy to fall out of the very best habits and short-change yourself on sleep with all of life’s demands and distractions. We work late, and start early, and even when you have the best intentions, and plan to get an earlier night, sometimes you find yourself unable to resist one more episode of your favourite TV show or feel you can’t rest until you’ve just sent that email—and as a result, your circadian clock is confused. But it isn’t so hard – with a little willpower – to fix your sleeping pattern and reclaim a consistent schedule that will make falling to sleep so much simpler.

So, how to fix your sleep schedule? With five steps in an easy-to-remember acronym (STEPS: Switch Off, Take Time, Ease into It, Prep, and Sleep) designed to get your rest back on track. Think of each as a step to climb down as you get ready for bed. Here’s how.

Switch Off Your Phone, Tablet, and Television

Work emails, study assignments, social media, that Netflix show you’re hooked on—today we’re ever-more connected through technology. And while there are numerous advantages to having the world at our fingertips (being able to order your Nectar mattress and have it delivered to your door, for one!), it’s playing havoc to our sleep patterns. When you’re looking at fixing your sleep schedule, the first step is to switch off. Set yourself a rule: no technology after 7.30pm, for example. Switch on your out of office, stop scrolling through your Instagram feed, and save yourself that next episode for another night rather than making it a marathon session. With a little discipline, you’ll find yourself with more quality time to wind down and mentally prepare for the next day after a good night’s sleep.

Take the Time/Make Time to Sleep

Anyone else remember their parents grumbling about not having enough time? Us, too—and now we know what they mean. Sometimes, though, you just have to make time—and that includes allowing time to prepare for sleep, enjoy a good night’s rest, and let your body find its natural rhythm. Sticking to a consistent bedtime is key to fixing your sleep schedule: you’re teaching your body to recognise the signals and feel sleepy when it’s time to slip under the covers, and a regular bedtime will make that morning alarm clock much less of a shock. Sleeping and waking at the same time every day is a simple way to mend your rest pattern—but it does take time and need consistent commitment. This will be much easier to get into the habit of, so long as you…

Ease into Your Sleep Schedule Gradually

That’s right. You’ve set your alarm clock, and you’ve ignored your work inbox. You’re on your way to a smart sleep schedule, so now’s the time to ease into it. How? Your bedtime shouldn’t start from the moment you lay your head on the pillow, but at least a good hour beforehand. With no distractions, you’ve got time to listen to music, read a book, take a shower, do some yoga, or drink herbal tea: whichever way you like to wind down, this is the perfect time to tell your body you’re readying yourself for sleep.

Prepare Yourself for a Restful Night

You’re ticking all the boxes, and working your way through the STEPS to sleep—so wouldn’t it be annoying to get into bed and find you can’t nod off? We bet you do a final check around the home before you head to bed, don’t you? The door’s locked, the TV’s off, and your work lunch is prepped and in the fridge for tomorrow. Check, check, check. You’re diligent at remembering to pack your gym bag, so be just as conscientious at checking your bedroom is ready for you to sleep. Is the room cool enough? (Sixteen to nineteen degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature, according to the sleep experts.) Are there any pesky digital lights that need eliminating? Have you sourced that annoying humming sound? Your sleep schedule is going to go to ruin if you’re disturbed by common bedroom nuisances that prevent you from sleeping.

Sleep Well and Keep Your Schedule Consistent

The best way to fix your sleep schedule? Invest in the best mattress the market has to offer. With a forever warranty, a Nectar mattress really is the best step you can take to fixing your sleep schedule. Comfort is key to ensuring a consistently good night’s sleep every night. With five clever layers that work tirelessly to meet your body’s every need—from smart temperature control to a breathable base layer designed to provide you with a stable foundation that reinforces the contouring and support provided, there is no smarter step to fix your sleep schedule than by sleeping on a mattress that will always have your back. And there you have it. Five simple STEPS aimed at fixing your sleep schedule. Get ready to enjoy the best sleep of your life.