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A good mattress is one of two essential ingredients for better sleep. The other? Peace of mind knowing that you're being kind to the planet. At Nectar we've made our mattress as sustainable as we possible can, from the materials we use to the partners we work with, to ensure we minimise our impact on the planet and you sleep soundly.

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9.3/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Eve

When it comes to buying a memory foam mattress these days, we know you’re spoilt for choice–but there’s a big difference between quantity, and quality, which is why we’re proud to stand by our lifetime warranty, unbeatable trial period, and – above all – our expert knowledge in providing the very best in sleep support and comfort.

And while we’re not ones to blow our own trumpet (well, not too often, anyway), it turns out that a fair few popular review sites feel the same way as we do: “The team behind this amazing all foam mattress really got all the things right,” said, one of the top, trusted sites for mattress reviews and market comparisons. “[Nectar] is one of the best all foam mattresses currently present on the online mattress market – and in our opinion, the best in the UK market at present.”

So why do we get the glowing reviews when paired up against other mattress companies? thinks that “what makes Nectar Sleep stand out is the innovative Adaptive Cooling technology that provides body contouring, optimised support, and temperature regulation and body alignment.” We’d have to agree: we cover every detail that goes into making your night’s sleep the best it can be.

Read on for some of the many other qualities we bring to the table (or bed) when it comes to offering an unbeatable set of qualifiers for the very best night’s sleep.

Queen (Small Double) Price: Nectar: £699 | Eve: £499
Warranty: Nectar: Forever | Eve: 10 years
Home Trial: Nectar: 365 Nights | Eve: 100 Nights
Thickness: Nectar: 10” | Eve: 10”

Overall Score

9.3/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Eve


When it comes to rounding up all those pros and cons of mattress comparisons, it seems we shine bright on the overall package deal. Popular review sites love our transparent, easy-to-trust attitude when it comes to making a smart investment with no regrets. “From the design to the cooling technology to the hassle free delivery process to the unique 365-day trial period, Nectar Sleep aims to provide Brits with the best sleeping experience ever,” says “The whole one year of the trial itself proves how confident Nectar Sleep is about customers loving this product.”

They’re right, too: we’re confident you’ll realise that Nectar is the mattress for you. There are many reasons we believe that you deserve to be able to feel sure you’re making the right choice when it comes to buying a mattress, and we know that it’s not a decision to make lightly, and so we want you, in turn, to feel confident about such a life-changing investment. “The great thing about Nectar is that they are combining high-quality, durable materials with pretty smart designs… they are not simply relying on either material quality or innovative approach. They are trying to merge both, and that deserves respect,” says We’re not relying on just our good looks, our unbeatable price, or our lifetime warranty: we know we’ve got the whole package, from our top quality, down to smart sleep know-how.


9.5/10 Nectar vs 9.1/10 Eve


It’s all very well us telling you that, when we’re not raving about our mattresses, we’re sleeping soundly on them too, but to hear it from others? Well, then you really know we’re doing our job right. “The Nectar UK mattress is one of the most comfortable beds we have tried out so far,” said “This is a big statement, given we have tested over 100 of the leading mattresses on the market.” A big statement indeed, but the kind of claim we’re proud to hold ourselves up to. We know that when it comes down to its simplest form, buying a new mattress is an investment centred around long-term comfort–and that’s something you really can’t skimp on. “eve is very friendly for back sleepers or back pain customers, but if you prefer side sleeping, eve may not be your best choice,” said So why is our mattress such a winner for comfort, no matter your sleep style? “The Nectar offers a perfect balance of comfort and support with its extremely comfortable top layer and the soft and breathable cover providing good airflow through the mattress,” said There you have it: support, comfy, and breathable–a recipe for sleep success.

Small Double Price** £699 £499
Warranty Forever 10 years
Home Trial 365 Nights 100 Nights
Thickness 10" 10"
Overall Score* 9.6 8.8
Comfort* 9.5 9.1
Cool Sleeping* 9.1 9.1
Warranty / Home Trial* 10 9
Sleeping Hot* 9.4 9
Motion Transfer* 9.4 9
Off-Gassing* 9.2 9.4
Customer Service* 9.4 9
Price* 9.4 9.2

* Reference (,,

* Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases TEST made through the links in their reviews

** Prices accurate as of 24/09/18

Cool Sleeping

9.1/10 Nectar vs. 9.1/10 Eve


Consider us the Goldilocks of mattresses when it comes to making sure you sleep just right. While other mattress providers go some way to help with temperature control, once again, we go the extra mile to ensure you sleep your best. “[With] its specialized cooling technology – its breathable memory foam layer and its Adaptive cooling cover, this bed certainly outshines the rest of them in the market,” said While our clever Adaptive cooling cover gets plenty of (deserved) attention, each smart layer of the Nectar mattress works to make your sleep cool and comfortable. “Each layer plays its own role in keeping you comfortable through the night,” noted “The Nectar Adaptive cooling cover is made with Temperature Regulating Technology, which draws away heat from your body and keeps you cool. The Nectar Smart Layer is made with memory foam and designed with Cool Sleep Concept, making it breathable and cool.” Each layer of our mattress is designed with comfort and coolness in mind, making us a confident winner once again.

Warranty / Home Trial

Forever Warranty Nectar vs 10 years Eve

*from Eve website

There really is no comparison needed here, but when you stack the results side by side, they sure look good: “Nectar Sleep is a unique company in that it offers options that are far above and unlike any other options offered by other online mattress manufacturers,” said We’re confident you’ll love our mattress as much as we do, and want to make your experience – from shop, to sleep – as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we offer a 365-night trial period, with free shipping and returns so you can try Nectar on your terms, for up to a full year. “To complete the package, the company offers an industry-leading Forever warranty and gives their customers 365 days to try the brand to make sure it’s the right fit,” said The full package from us–even before you unbox your new mattress.

Sleeping hot

9.4/10 Nectar vs 9/10 Eve


Once again, it’s our meticulous research and careful engineering that makes Nectar really stand out against the rest, whether an all-foam construction with a reputation to hold onto heat, or otherwise. “It special technology prevented the build-up of heat and sweating and it totally eliminated that sticky, sweaty feeling present with many other all foam mattresses which is something we really were thankful for,” said And they’re not the only ones to find that our smart technology works well at keeping your body temperature right throughout the night. “[with] its specialised cooling technology – its breathable memory foam layer and its adaptive cooling cover – this bed certainly outshines the rest of them in the market,” said

Motion Transfer

9.4 Nectar vs 9/10 Eve

* knows just how important it is to make sure that, even if you co-sleep, your sleep isn’t disturbed. “The Nectar UK mattress will help your sleep from being disturbed by a restless partner too. Premium memory foams used in the construction of this mattress all work together to absorb and minimise the amount of motion transfer and allow you to easily move around in bed and get in and out of it during the night without disturbing the sleep of your partner.” The balance of firmness and softness means you’re provided with support for your back, and uninterrupted sleep, even if your partner happens to move around in bed during the night. “It offers easy motion absorption that causes no disturbance to a partner’s sleep,” added It’s this kind of commitment to your sleep that once again has us ticking all the boxes.


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9.2/10 Nectar vs 9.4/10 Eve


While many of us love certain “new” purchase smells (think of that “new car” smell), there are certain other smells – known as off-gassing – that just aren’t as pleasant, and many customers have spoken of that unpleasant scent when they’ve unboxed a new mattress. Thankfully you won’t need to hold your breath when your Nectar mattress is delivered. You can enjoy sleeping soundly, without any funny scents, straight away. “All you need to do is keep it in a ventilated room and any smell that is present will quickly disappear,” said

Customer Support

9.4/10 Nectar vs 9.0/10 Eve


“Eve Mattress provides many of the same type customer service aspects as many other online “Bed in A Box” mattress retailers,” said when speaking about the kind of support that comes as standard from many competitors, such as Eve. We believe that support should be provided on and off the mattress, and so we’re always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re entirely happy. One such example? A breakdown of our mattress construction, found on our user-friendly website. You’ll also find healthy sleep tips and plenty of guidance and advice, meaning you rest easy in your purchase choice. “Nectar Sleep mattresses not only provide their customers with a top quality product but it also offers excellent customer services,” said

Price / Affordability

9.4/10 Nectar vs 9.2/10 Eve


You’re investing in your sleep, and we’re investing in a customer for life. We don’t believe in cutting corners, which is why we only use premium materials–no matter the cost. This doesn’t, however, mean that we’ll charge you the earth in return. And when it comes to making a smart purchase and comparing your options on the marketplace, you really can’t spend better on your health and peace of mind than with Nectar. “The truth of the matter is that memory foam can be expensive. However, the Nectar mattress is an affordable option,|” said The online purchasing option allows for savings to be passed onto you, so the price is much lower than a typical memory foam mattress.” Our savings mean a short-cut to better direct service to you, without leaving you shortchanged. With a mattress made for all sleepers, a Forever warranty, and a chance to try it out for a whole year, our price makes your sleep an affordable priority–as it should be.

*Disclosure: Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

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