£250 Off Mattress + 2 Free Pillows + Free Delivery *Terms & Conditions Apply


It’s always the right time to spread the gift of sleep and get PAID for doing it. We made it easy for you to help your friends and family get their best rest on The Most Comfortable Mattress with our Refer a Friend program.

Just send your link to anyone you know. (who doesn’t need better rest?) They will get £100 off their purchase + 2 free memory foam-filled Nectar pillows. After they receive their mattress, both you AND the friend get a £25 Amazon gift card. Start sending the gift of sleep today!

Amazon Voucher


Once you have purchased from us, you can refer as many friends as you would like. For each friend that goes on to purchase a Nectar mattress, you and the friend will both get one £25 Amazon gift card each. Just send your unique link to all of your friends! Not only will they will get £100 off their mattress along with two free memory foam-filled Nectar pillows, but they will be able to experience sleep on the most comfortable mattress.

No, we will not send you gift cards for additional/repeat purchases made by your friend. You can, however, send your link to as many friends as you would like. You will be rewarded for up to 19 friends who make purchases. Spread the word for better sleep!

No, your friend has to make their purchase on www.nectarsleep.co.uk after clicking your Refer a Friend program link. We encourage you to tell as many friends as possible, but we can only send you an £25 Amazon Gift Card if they use the link.

We send you and your friend a £25 Amazon Gift Card which will be paid out one week after the referred friend receives their mattress.