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Nectar Mattress Vs Tempur Mattress Review

Side by Side Comparison
Double Price** £699 £449 £2,149
2 Memory Foam Pillows Free £170
Warranty** Forever 10 years
Home Trial** 365 Nights 100 Nights
Memory Foam 9cm 10cm
Free Delivery Yes Yes

** Prices accurate as of 24/03/20

**Additional terms and conditions apply.

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that a high price means high quality - the Nectar mattress is shaking up the entire sleep industry by smashing this theory to pieces.

Tempur mattresses are some of the most expensive you can buy but they can't compete with us when it comes to guaranteeing customer sleep satisfaction.

We offer a 365 night trial, a 'Forever' warranty and 2 free premium Nectar pillows. If you're wondering how we can do this without compromising on quality, let us explain.

We've concentrated on designing and selling just one amazing product, made in entirely the UK. We've cut out the middlemen and stripped profit margins to bring you the perfect night's sleep at an affordable price.


Know that sinking feeling you get when you’ve spent a whole lot of money on a mattress that just doesn’t cover your comfort? With our innovative layering system, you won’t feel the ‘sink’ that’s associated with dense memory foam, but rather you’ll embrace the support and comfort that only premium products with technological know-how can provide. “The comfort layer does an excellent job to provide you with that hug-like feel without restricting your movement in the bed,” said Good support is essential to comfort, and with our ultra supportive Base layer, you’ll find the perfect level of support for each part of your body, such as gentle support for your shoulders, and a firmer, protective support for your hips. Not only does this clever base layer bring you the best in support, but it maintains its structure and shape: no sagginess or sink in sight. “It behaves like a memory foam mattress,” said, “but a good one.” Comfort should come as standard, and we’ve got it covered.

There’s a reason why we’re the only company to offer a 365 Nights Trial …find out why.

Cool Sleeping

Being one of the newest mattress makers on the market does have its advantages, even when we’re up against those who’ve been in the public eye for years. Thanks to the latest innovations in memory foam, we’ve been able to work on perfecting rather cool layering systems that optimises your sleeping temperature, and popular review sites have been quick to notice that with details such as our Adaptive cooling cover, we’re really not like traditional mattress designs at all. “The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress that has a lot of added features to make it stand out as unique among a world of memory foam,” said, noting that our very cool cover is “made to include a cooling effort that creates further breathability and better heat dispersement, as well as moisture wicking properties.”

Warranty / Home Trial

Forever Warranty Nectar vs. 10 Years Tempur

*from Tempur website

Ever feel like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole when you take a look at a company’s warranty policy? There’s the small print, and then the even smaller print, and it can get very confusing, very fast, making you wonder if your mattress provider really has your peace of mind, or your bank balance as their main priority. You shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out whether you’re covered or not. Our Forever warranty is as good as it can get, and leagues ahead of any other company: simple as that. “It comes with a Forever warranty, guaranteeing that you will enjoy this mattress every night for the rest of your life. That’s something you won’t find in most mattresses that will save you a lot of time, effort, grief, and expense in the long run,” said

No one deserves to lose sleep when making such a big investment, and you shouldn’t be rushed into deciding whether it’s right for you within a restrictive time frame, because we know all too well that a hurried decision can feel mighty uncomfortable for your sleep and back pocket. We know you’ll love our mattress, but we want you to discover the joy of beautiful sleep all for yourself, and we think that a year is just the right amount of time to test our wondrous temperature regulation, comfort, and support, throughout all four seasons.

Sleeping hot

Traditional memory foam mattresses have taken a lot of heat in the past for keeping folk awake at night due to overheating. You know the scenario all too well: one minute you’re cocooning yourself in your duvet, and the next you’ve woken up because you need to kick off the covers, and quick. “One of the big problems of memory foam is that it traps in a lot of heat and can be really uncomfortable to sleep on. Not with Nectar,” said With a Nectar mattress, there’s no need to sweat it–even if you don’t sleep alone. Our Adaptive Cooling Cover works independently, so if you naturally sleep hotter than your partner, you won’t need to fight over whether the blanket stays on or off the bed. “It works only where it’s in contact with your body,” added, “so your partner will have their own comfortable little eco-system to sleep in.”

Motion transfer

While memory foam as often noted as being a great material for minimising movement, some older generation models suffer from sinkage, which means it can feel harder to move around freely in the night–and that’s going to cause some disturbance. “Nectar Sleep provides excellent motion isolation. The mattress has highly dense memory foam layers that reduce motion transferability. It means that Nectar Sleep is a great option for couples because you won’t get disturbed by the movement of the person sleeping with you,” said When you’re free to roll over into your favourite position after a good-night cuddle from your partner, you know you can rest easy and not be woken till morning.

no more


Your car. The carpet you had fitted in the living room. The re-upholstered sofa. We bet you identified a ‘new’ smell with each. ‘Off-gassing’ is the term associated with the smell of a new, often-packaged product, such as your mattress. We take the utmost care, from construction through to our Free Delivery, to make sure your mattress is looked after, and looks after you in turn. When you unwrap your carefully packaged Nectar mattress, those with sensitive notices may notice a faint ‘new product’ scent. But there’s no need to hold your nose: “The company uses no harmful chemicals, earning it the Certipur certified tag,” said Stringent testing and only the best materials used in your mattress means you can breathe easy.

Customer support

“Tempur sells through major mattress retailers […], so you are at the mercy of their customer service. This helps them not have to deal directly with the customer,” said That’s why we offer a highly dedicated customer support team.

Customer satisfaction comes from an easy, open relationship between buyer and seller, and there’s nothing worse than not knowing who to turn to when questions arise or things go wrong. did note that “[Tempur] have moved to an online model as well” in recent years, but this does mean you have to think carefully about where you buy your mattress from, and whether your warranty will be honoured: we all know the frustration felt when you’re passed off to someone else, and no one can give you a straightforward solution, because it’s not their problem, and in the small-print, you’re not covered. “Nectar Sleep mattresses not only provide their customers with a top quality product but it also offers excellent customer services,” said With Nectar’s easy-to-reach options, you know you can come straight to us to say hello six days a week over the phone, through email, or by using our online chat service, and we’ll happily answer any questions.

Price / Affordability

It’s easy to make some decisions in a market filled with so much choice, and we bet you, like us, consider price to be an important factor when filtering out some of those options available. When it comes to a Tempur mattress, the price can be awfully off-putting: it’s not just the cost itself, but the risk involved in purchasing such an expensive mattress with a much briefer trial period and shorter warranty period–and these factors can change depending on where you purchase your mattress from. . “I think that the Nectar mattress should be high on your consideration list,” said But why? Could it be that we offer a premium mattress with an unbeatable warranty and trial period!, with the highest-quality materials, smart construction, and a price that’s honest, fair, and often surprising? “You get a high quality product at a very friendly price,” said “This mattress offers the same level of quality as other top-rated mattresses on the market,” they added, “ but at a much smaller price.” You shouldn’t need to spend the earth to get the kind of sleep you deserve, and with Nectar, you don’t have to.

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