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Nectar Mattress Vs Simba Mattress Review

Side by Side Comparison

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We don’t mind saying it: we’re the new kids on the (mattress) block. But while Nectar is fresh on the mattress scene, we’ve quickly become a reputable, widely-recognised name. Why? Because when you put Nectar up against the rest, we don’t just match the market–Nectar excels, providing our customers with a durable, premium product, unbeatable service and support while you sleep. Not to mention the extreme peace of mind and confidence in our memory foam that comes from years of research and testing. And you know as well as we do that it doesn’t take long for the word to spread. “They are doing pretty great already, even though they are so young,” noted “Nectar Sleep have upped the game for everyone involved with the online mattress industry,” added

So when people get talking about our memory foam mattress, how do we compare against a more seasoned company, such as Simba? Simba’s had roots in the business since 1979, launching onto the mattress scene in 2002 with a hybrid offering, meaning a mix of pocket springs and memory foam in their design. Well, it turns out that you just can’t beat that luxurious, supportive feeling of smart-technology memory foam and clever layering throughout. That’s what makes sleeping on a Nectar mattress so dreamy: quality and comfort at its very core.

Small Double Price: Nectar: £699 | Simba: £599
Warranty: Nectar: Forever | 10 years
Home Trial: Nectar: 365 Nights | 100 Nights
Thickness: Nectar: 10” | 10”

Overall score

9.1/10 Nectar vs. 9.1/10 Simba


We happen to think that choosing a new mattress is one of the biggest investments you can make to your well-being, and with so many options available on the market, it can seem hard to make the right choice. But, really, it’s simple, and we’re here to help, with a commitment to the superiority of support and comfort from sumptuous memory foam. “Nectar is combining high-quality, durable materials with pretty smart designs,” said It’s that kind of positive feedback from popular review sites that means we score high.Paired with our stress-free warranty and trial period, enabling you to experience how each of our layers works to optimise your sleep, our smart design keeps you well rested, all year round.


9.1/10 Nectar vs. 9.1/10 Simba


Ever feel like you’re being placed in a rather narrow box as a customer, and can’t seem to find the product that meets your needs? When it came to designing our foam mattress, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible; after all, sleep shouldn’t be a priority for a minority. “You can expect a medium firm feel to the mattress,” notes, adding that “the firmness level is great for all sleep positions”, meaning that whether you sleep soundest on your side, or blissfully on your back, our premium, no-expense-spared materials, chosen after meticulous research and consideration, are designed for all kinds of sleepers, meaning that, as pointed out, “Nectar mattresses are sure to provide you with the comfort you need for a blissful night’s sleep”. Sleep is for everyone. When it comes to choosing the right materials, we know that memory foam has our back–and yours. “The comfort layer of [the] Nectar sleep mattress offers excellent pressure relief because it is integrated with zoning. Zoning ensures different levels of firmness across the mattress to prevent any pains in the body,” added. Our mattress, like you, is wholly unique, and designed to make your sleep as comfortable as possible.


Small Double Price** £699 £599
Warranty*** Forever 10 years
Home Trial*** 365 Nights 100 Nights
Thickness 10” 10”
Overall Score* 9.1 9.1
Comfort* 9.1 9.1
Cool Sleeping* 9.1 9
Warranty / Home Trial*** 10 9
Customer Service* 9.4 9.2

* Reference (,,

* Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

** Prices accurate as of 24/09/18

***Additional terms and conditions apply.

Cool sleeping

9.1/10 Nectar vs. 9/10 Simba


It’s all in the details when it comes to matching – and beating – competitors and making sure we have your comfort covered. Each layer of our mattress is designed to make your sleep experience seamless, and that includes the Adaptive cooling technology, which is not only “cloud soft to the touch” but a high-achiever in thermoregulation, and super breathable. “Every great mattress starts with a proper cover,” said “And the Nectar mattress cover is really clever. It actually has a special material in it that can adapt to your body temperature, so it cools you down when you’re hot and warms you up when you’re cold.” A just-right temperature means a just-right sleep, night after night.

Warranty / Home trial

Forever Warranty Nectar vs. 10 years Simba

*from Simba website

Popular mattress review site aren’t the only ones to notice that we’ve “introduced many firsts in the industry such as a 365-night sleep trial and Forever Warranty”– but how can such a young company provide such an unbeatable offering that no one else can match? Because we believe in our product, and we believe in providing the very best sleep, every single night. We know that no two nights of sleep can be the same, with seasonal temperature changes, unexpected lifestyle circumstances (a sudden back injury, or a new arrival to the family that shares your bed-space), and we want you to feel as confident as we do, with the opportunity to experience all that our memory foam mattress has to offer, because we know we’ve created a mattress that’s built to last. “We can certainly say that it [Nectar mattress] will last for a long time. Materials used for it are very resilient and durable. Nectar is not going to let you down in this department,” said

Sleeping hot

*No direct comparison available

While we can’t deny that popular review sites have noted that the Simba mattress does a perfectly good job of keeping your temperature in check, it seems that they had plenty more to say about Nectar. “As the bed gets warmer, the cover will evaporate more moisture enabling you to enjoy deep sleep comfort. Its materials have bespoke design and draw heat from the body and circulate the fresh air with your every move,” said This means that our mattress actively works to meet your personal sleep needs while you rest–nothing standard about that. What’s more, while Simba once again ticks the standard score boxes easily enough, we don’t just look at checking them, but dispel old rumours, too. “Most of the memory foam beds tend to sleep hot, but the Nectar bed offers high breathability and cooling.” While Simba’s offering might seem the sounder choice for those who fear the heat of an all-foam construction, Nectar’s clever formula offers optimum comfort without getting you all hot and bothered about construction.

Motion transfer

*No direct comparison available

Motion transfer – the movement you might make when you slip into bed later than your partner some nights, or when you need to get up to get a glass of water – can cause all sorts of bother if your partner happens to be a light sleeper. But don’t worry: our mattress has you covered. “The Nectar UK mattress will help keep your sleep from being disturbed by a restless partner,” observed Everyone’s sleep styles are unique, which is why motion transfer is so important, as agrees: “with their highly dense foam layers […] these mattresses are good for those people who share their beds.” Being aware of how you move in the night is sure to disrupt your sleep if you’re worrying about disturbing your partner’s, but with our smart memory foam layers, you can sleep easy and move in a way that works for you. “Whether you tend to be someone who moves a lot during the night or your partner frequently moves or gets up and down, you won’t be disturbed by the mattress bouncing or sending waves of motion your way, leading to a deeper, more restful sleep,” said Once again, our dedication to your well-being is at the forefront of our design.

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*No direct comparison available

If you’ve been shopping the market for a mattress, then you’re most likely familiar with the term “off-gassing”, which is the name given to that just-out-of-the-packaging smell. While it’s not the soothing lavender oil fragrance we’d rather you were enjoying as you nod off to sleep, you can rest easy knowing that the smell you breathe in is natural, and harmless. “All materials are tested, safe, and suitable for people with sensitive skin or respiratory system[s],” said Interestingly, “off-gassing” is often only associated with pure memory-foam mattresses, but it turns out that even hybrid mattresses can shake off that fresh-out-of-the-packaging scent. “There is a bit of a small when you first open so you may want to leave the bed unmade for a few hours to let the mattress air out,” advises the after reviewing Simba’s mattress offering.

Customer support

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Simba


While we’re similar in score, popular review sites can’t help but notice we do things differently–and in the best kind of way, allowing an inclusivity that gives customers more control and confidence in their shopping choices. “Most people could consider themselves a candidate, and with a 365 night trial and Forever warranty, you’re completely protected in choosing to purchase,” said That’s the kind of support you deserve. We’ll always go above and beyond: that’s the Nectar way.

Price / Affordability

*No direct comparison available

Wait a minute, you say–but doesn’t a Simba mattress cost the same as a Nectar mattress? You’re right, of course: a well-proportioned Small Double mattress (that’s a measurement of 120x190cm) costs £599, so why the difference in score? Because buying a mattress isn’t just a matter of a sum of money leaving your bank account: think about the longevity, and the quality of the materials you’re purchasing, and it’s clear from popular review sites that they feel the same way about the Nectar mattress as we do: a friendly price-tag shouldn’t cheapen the quality.. “This product has a great price-quality ratio,” said It’s wise to invest in the very best you can buy for your long-term sleep happiness, and helps it helps to be able to find one that won’t leave you short-changed in materials or money.

*Disclosure: Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

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