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Nectar Mattress Vs Otty Mattress Review

Side by Side Comparison

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A home, a car, a new mattress: think about it–they’re some of the biggest investments you make in your life, right? You wouldn’t scrimp on the purchase of a car to compromise your safety. You invest in double-glazing, garden landscaping, and home decor details, because you know that, if you look after your property, it’ll reward you in the long run. So what about your sleep? When a poor night’s sleep can impact your productivity at work, lead to long-term health issues, and increase your chances of being involved in a road accident, wouldn’t you think it worthwhile to spend just that little bit more on a mattress to ensure you’re getting the very best on the market?

When we spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, it’s important to make sure we’re providing the best environment for our rest. We don’t just feel better after a good night’s sleep, but our body’s work better, too, as when we sleep “our bodies are able to replenish energy stores and make repairs, while our minds organise and store the memories of the day before,” said The Sleep Council.

Time and time again, popular review sites review Nectar high on comfort and affordability, knowing that we’ve put in the back-work to make your sleep experience feel as dreamlike as possible, focusing on the highest quality materials that are proven to provide pressure relief and full-body support. Read on to see how a little extra in your budget buys you a lifetime of good sleep with a memory foam mattress from Nectar, compared to hybrid mattress manufacturer Otty.

Small Double Price: Nectar: £699 | Otty: £429.99
Warranty: Nectar: Forever | Otty: 10 Years
Home Trial: Nectar: 365 Nights | Otty: 100 Nights
Thickness: Nectar: 10” | Otty: 11”

Overall score

9.3/10 Nectar vs. 9.1/10 Otty

Look around the marketplace – in stores and online – and you might think that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing a new mattress. There’s fancy branding, flashy buzzwords, and the promise of a cheaper-than-ever-before price-tag. Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s often because it is. But popular review sites have been quick to point out that Nectar has hit the sweet-spot with price and product, focusing on quality without making you pay for it, because good sleep is what you deserve. “Nectar Sleep is one of the world’s top online mattress retailers dedicated to creating the most comfortable mattresses and pillows and providing their customers with the most comfortable night’s sleep and the best prices on the market,” said

At Nectar, we understand that, when there are plenty of mattress options on the market available, it can be easy to decide to narrow down your options by price point. This is why our confidence goes beyond our own honest price tag to make your decision easy. “This bed is promptly skyrocketing in performance and gaining recognition in the marketplace for its solely comfortable and supportive features as well as its economical price,” said The Nectar mattress is built to last, with only the very best materials researched and used–and the proof is in strong scores in comfort, temperature regulation, movement, and customer service.


9.1/10 Nectar vs. 9/10 Otty

When it comes to comparing memory foam versus hybrid mattresses, such as Otty’s coil-spring and foam mix offering, it pays to read into just what goes into a mattress to make sure it accommodates your needs. And this is where the science – and benefits – of multiple layers of hard-working foam really stand out. “You get 7 zones of support across the mattress,” said “This means firmer support where you need it, at your hips and shoulder, softer support at your head and feet, and nice medium support in your knees and middle.” And that’s just one area of our cleverly designed mattress discussed.

There’s just no comparison, really. Just like our trial period and warranty length, we think the key to our comfort score comes down to longevity, which is why we put in the time to come up with an unmatchable product: “Before its launch, Nectar Sleep had undergone three years of product development and features a four-layer design that’s different from all the other mattresses in the same category,” said When you’re buying a mattress, you’re investing in your long-term comfort, which is why we took our time to perfect our product. The result, according to, is “four different layers of memory foam [that] envelop your shape and align your spine in the correct position for comfortable rest.”


Small Double Price** £699 £429.99
Warranty*** Forever 10 Years
Home Trial*** 365 Nights 100 Nights
Thickness 10” 11”
Overall Score* 9.3 9.1
Comfort* 9.1 9
Cool Sleeping* 9.1 9.4
Warranty / Home Trial*** 10 9
Customer Service* 9.4 9.2

* Reference (,

* Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

** Prices accurate as of 24/09/18

***Additional terms and conditions apply.

Cool sleeping

9.1/10 Nectar vs. 9.4/10 Otty

Some nights you find yourself hogging the duvet from your partner; other nights you keep one leg stuck out, trying to keep cool: there’s nothing more frustrating than waking up too hot, or too cold in the night, and yet with the right technology, it’s an easy fix. Our Adaptive cooling cover “includes special temperature regulating technology which means that it draws heat away from your body and circulates fresh air as you move,” as discovered. Confidently dispelling the idea that memory foam mattresses sleep too hot, our clever cover “responds dynamically to temperature change, meaning the warmer it gets, the more it will evaporate moisture and work to keep you cool,” added. That’s pretty cool, hey?

“Most of the memory foam beds tend to sleep hot, but the Nectar bed offers high breathability and cooling,” said Consider that Otty’s mattress is a hybrid mix of memory foam and springs: we’re delighted (but not surprised) that our clever memory-foam technology wins and dispels those myths about pure memory foam mattresses retaining heat.

Warranty / Home trial

Forever Warranty Nectar vs. 10 Years Otty

*from Otty website

It might sound obvious, but we think that your vote of confidence in us should come from our own confidence in turn. “Nectar Sleep mattresses are covered under 365-night sleep trial and backs its products with a superior customer service too,”. We know we’re in the spotlight–and for the right reasons. So what’s to hide? We want everyone to enjoy the best rest possible, and we think the best way introduce you to that, worry free, is with the industry’s longest trial period and warranty.

“The company’s unique sleep trial period of one year along with its Forever warranty make Nectar a good choice,” said

When a mattress is such a big investment to your mental and physical health, wouldn’t you agree that a year seems like a fair amount of time to get to know it well? Our mattresses are made for life, and we’re certain you’ll love it just as much as we – and the popular review sites – do. No small print needed: we want you to sleep well. It’s that easy.

Sleeping hot

*No direct comparison data available

One of the many reasons we believe in offering you a 365-night trial is that it gives you the chance to get to see how each of our smart layers – including sumptuous memory foam and a dense breathable polyfoam layer base – work at regulating your temperature to keep you comfortable all night. Some of us naturally sleep warmer than others–and then there’s the added body-heat that’s created when you share your bed space. “It [Nectar] sleeps quite cool thanks to the combination of [the] Adaptive cooling cover, and breathable, temperature regulating memory foams that prevent the build up of excessive body heat and allow free airflow through the mattress for additional cooling,” said “These unique features keep the Nectar mattress feeling fresh and new every day,” said, speaking of our “specialized cooling technology”, “breathable memory foam layer”, and our Adaptive cooling cover. That’s the way you’ll wake up feeling after a good night’s sleep on a Nectar mattress: fresh and new and ready to take on the day.

Motion transfer

*No direct comparison available

Pressure points; back support; temperature control… there are so many factors to take into consideration when looking to meet your perfect sleep partner (your mattress, that is). So what about when you happen to share your bed space? “It [Nectar] can control various weights and amounts of pressure. It also has a great reaction to sudden movements,” said Gauging the motion transfer in your mattress is key: you want minimal disturbance, meaning you can sleep soundly without feeling any movement from your bed buddy. “Nectar Sleep provides excellent motion isolation. Nectar sleep is a great option for couples because you won’t get disturbed by the movement of the person sleeping with you,”. The only movement you’ll notice with us? A shake-up in the mattress marketplace.

no more


*No direct comparison data available

While “off-gassing” may sound unpleasant, if you shop smart, then you can rest easy knowing that any “new mattress” scent you notice when unwrapping your home-delivered (using our free Delivery Service) Nectar mattress isn’t harmful at all, and quickly dissipates long before you enjoy the first of many wonderful night’s sleeps. “This [off-gassing] is natural with all rolled mattresses,”. Among many reasons, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are used in compliance with the fact that mattresses have to be, of course, flame resistant, and they are used to ensure this: this can result in a faint scent. Still worried about what you might be breathing in? “The company uses no harmful chemicals,” said, “earning it the CertiPUR certified tag.” What’s CertiPUR certified? An extra dose of transparency from us in the form of certification from a non-profit that ensures that we meet stringent environmental and health standards.

Customer support

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Otty

We know that buying a mattress is no small matter: it’s a big decision, and a super important one, and so we’re here for you every step of the way–whether that means you want to chat on the phone, or online, or want the kind of peace of mind that continues throughout a whole 365-nights of quality sleep. Oh, and did we mention that Forever warranty? While Otty might provide the standard service of a 9am-5pm phone service from Monday to Friday, alongside other matched selling points, such as their 100-nights trial period and 10-year warranty, you can freephone us six days a week, find thorough, transparent information online, and enjoy the longest warranty and trial period available anywhere. “You’re fully protected while you test the Nectar mattress for 365 nights,” said “You really can’t lose.” We want you to know that we’re here for you – every step of the way – while you discover your best sleep yet. That’s true support for you.

Price / Affordability

*No direct comparison available

We’re so sure of the quality of our mattress that we don’t mind being compared next to those with a cheaper price tag, like Otty, but those with a steeper asking price, too. “The Nectar UK mattress is extremely reasonably priced,” said, noting “high-quality materials” and a “great price”–two things that often aren’t put in the same box. Across the board, we stand out in popular review sites with words such as “superior”, “premium”, “quality”, and “craftsmanship” regularly used to describe our mattress. “The company has used superior quality materials and to be able to provide such premium quality at such an economical price is certainly a victory,” said

With a Nectar mattress, you’re spending your cash wisely, getting great value for money with the very best in materials, knowledge, and a final product that will last you a lifetime.

*Disclosure: Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

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