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Nectar Mattress Vs Leesa Mattress Review

Side by Side Comparison

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When it comes to buying a new mattress, it’s those seemingly subtle differences that, as it turns out, actually make all of the difference to your sleep. Those lush, thick layers of comfort; a comfort-focused combination of all-foam construction; in a marketplace full of promises, it pays to pay attention to the little details, and that’s why Nectar believes in helping our customers make healthy sleep choices.

We know it’s not easy shopping around: all those comparisons can get rather confusing. You seemingly can’t escape all the sales talk when you go shopping in a mattress store, and it can be easy to lose sleep, fretting that you’ve not made the right choice when exploring the online options. We think that your choice should be centred around your sleep, and that’s why we work around a single, simple promise: the best sleep of your life on the most comfortable mattress. We reckon a Forever guarantee and the longest trial period in the industry works as a good way to show that we stand by our promise, too: no fancy, confusing jargon needed to explain that we think a good night’s sleep is paramount to your long-term happiness.

“American customers have already fallen in love with Nectar’s exceptional value and modernized update to memory foam and now the UK will have an opportunity to ‘sleep into something a little more comfortable’,” said There’s a reason we have won the hearts (and sleep) of so many satisfied customers: an honest dedication to your best sleep. In this comparison, we look at how our mattress reviews against Leesa (spoiler alert: very well indeed!).

Read on to see how good value for money doesn’t have to mean a reduction in quality or time to get used to the best sleep ever.

Small Double Price: Nectar: £699 | Leesa: £549
Warranty: Nectar: Forever | Leesa: 10 Years
Home Trial: Nectar: 365 Nights | Leesa: 100 Nights
Thickness: Nectar: 10” | Leesa: 10”

Overall score

9.6/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Leesa


There’s a reason we don’t just pip our competitors to the post when it comes to a popular review site opinion of us, but make it into the top ranks for best mattress guides, too: while some competitors might come close in one category, we don’t just excel in one area, but across the board, with every kind of sleeper in mind. “Whether you’re tall or short, lean or stocky, stomach sleeper or side sleeper, Nectar Sleep mattresses are sure to provide you with the comfort you need for a blissful sleep,” said While Leesa’s mattress is also constructed from foam layers, we’ve thought of everyone – and everything – to guarantee a sound night’s sleep. That includes breathable layering, cooling-technology, support for every pressure point – no matter what position you fall asleep in -and clever movement control, meaning no disturbances in the night when you or your partner rolls over.

“It is a total package for your deep sleep comfort with peace of mind for years to come,” said

The verdict? Never judge your mattress by its cover alone (though ours happens to be pretty fancy, too). Beyond our luxurious, no-expense-spared cover, it’s what underneath that counts, and its this that means we provide a winning combination for your best night’s sleep, ever.


9.5/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Leesa


Back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach, or a bit of everything–more often than not, you’ll hear that certain mattresses only provide comfort and support to specific kinds of sleepers, but that’s not the case with a Nectar mattress. “Nectar Sleep is good for all sleeping positions,” said “It can control various weights and amounts of pressure.” Our clever memory foam contours perfectly to your body; another memory foam layer distributes weight evenly, whether you starfish-spread or keep it log-straight on your back; adaptive high-core memory foam provides rebound and bounce, easing those moments where you want to switch your position with minimum disturbance; and our breathable base layer is the generous foundation that reinforces all that contour and support going on up-above. See? No two mattresses are ever the same. “I felt that my spine was aligned correctly. The combination of foams worked very well,” noted Our unique, hard-working construction is designed with the knowledge the no two people sleep the same way, and you shouldn’t have to adapt your sleep-style to suit your mattress: our mattress works to meet your needs.


Small Double Price** £699 £549
Warranty*** Forever 10 years
Home Trial*** 365 Nights 100 Nights
Thickness 10” 10”
Overall Score* 9.6 9.2
Comfort* 9.5 9.2
Cool Sleeping* 9.1 9.3
Warranty / Home Trial*** 10 9
Sleeping Hot* 9.4 9
Motion Transfer* 9.4 9
Off-Gassing* 9.6 9.2
Customer Service* 9.4 9
Price* 9.4 9.5

* Reference (,,

* Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

** Prices accurate as of 24/09/18

***Additional terms and conditions apply.

Cool sleeping

9.1/10 Necta vs. 9.3/10 Leesa


If rumours are to be believed, you might have heard that memory foam mattresses tend to sleep warmer than, say, a latex or spring offering. But popular review sites all come back with the same verdict when they check out a Nectar mattress for themselves: you sleep cool and comfortable with us. “The mattress cover […] keeps the typical heat retention of a memory foam mattress at bay,” said Our unique, carefully chosen layers are designed to work in harmony with your body, and every layer counts. “The Adaptive cooling cover of this mattress has heat and moisture wicking traits that ensure a deep sleep comfort,” said With us, quality runs deep.

Warranty / Home Trial

Forever Warranty Nectar vs. 10 Years Leesa

*from Leesa website

We’re happy to show that, in some cases, we come quite close on some scores when placed up against our competitors (though you might have noticed, we do seem to win a lot), because we genuinely believe in our product, and know that we’ve created a dream mattress that delivers the goods: a great night’s rest. But in an increasingly populated market, we do know that more choice – and such an important purchase – can cause some hesitation and worry. And so there’s one failsafe – in our opinion – way to show you that we really stand by our promise, and that’s in the shape of a stress-free, year-long sleep trial, and Forever warranty. It seems simple enough to us, but when it comes to a comparison against others on the market, we’re miles ahead – and it’s noted. “The company stands behind their mattress with their 365-day sleep trial and 100% money-back guarantee,” said We stand behind our mattress because we believe in the goodness of sleep, and we believe in you.

Sleeping hot

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9/10 Leesa


We told you we’re pretty proud of our cover, didn’t we? Well, with good reason–and we’re not the only ones to appreciate its smart temperature control capabilities. “Their adaptive cooling cover is softer, more breathable, and better at absorbing moisture than any premium cotton,” said “For those sleeping hot, you can rest assured you won’t sweat at night with a Nectar.”

This dedication to keeping your temperature in check throughout the night travels down through each of our hard-working layers, and assumptions and previous experiences of memory foam retaining warmth are confidently dispelled. “Each layer plays its own role in keeping you comfortable through the night,” said “The Nectar Smart Layer is made with memory foam and designed with Cool Sleep Concept, making it breathable and cool.” How cool is that? Our memory foam layers are actually part of the reason our mattress does so well at maintaining a comfortable temperature, as they increases air circulation for better comfort and breathability.

Motion transfer

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9/10 Leesa


More jargon, or a serious consideration? We all know how irritable we feel when our loved ones – despite their best intentions – disturb us in the night. When it comes to waking feeling our freshest, considering motion transfer is a worthy factor.

But wait–both Leesa and Nectar are constructed from memory foam layers: shouldn’t they score equally on motion transfer? Once again, the science and care that’s gone into crafting each one of our layers means you benefit from that lovely, familiar comfort of traditional memory foam, with the modern benefits of smart engineering and know-how that comes from our highly-skilled team of experts who have put in years of research to get things just right. “Nectar is a very well made mattress,” said “You will get a good performance from every corner of the sleeping service.” That means no awkward sinking or rolling–or unnecessary bouncing. And when it comes to sharing your sleep-space with a loved one, motion transfer is key to ensure a sound sleep, undisturbed. “This mattress [is] a perfect choice for you if you plan on sharing your bed with a partner,” said

no more


9.6/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Leesa


Once again, we’re dispelling rumours often associated with memory-foam mattresses, thanks to our eco-friendly outlook on construction. “The Nectar bed has a slight strong smell for the first couple of days, similarly to several other popular memory foam brands,” said, but noted that there’s no need to hold your breath and worry, as any smell is perfectly natural. “The important thing to note is that the smell is not toxic, as the foam in the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which guarantees that there are absolutely no noxious chemicals.” With a Nectar mattress, you know you’ve purchased a product free of ozone depleters, so you can breathe easy, knowing you’re not smelling any nasties when you head to sleep at night.

Customer support

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9./10 Leesa


Shopping online can provide all kinds of benefits, from being able to take your time in a comfortable environment, save fuel and energy (no one enjoys lugging a mattress to their car!), not to mention being able to browse without an overly-keen sales assistant following you around the shop floor, trying to cash in on some quick commission. But there is a catch, of course: with so much out there, where do you start to look–and how do you make those all-important decisions? Well, thinks we’re top of the game when it comes to being “very confident with their products”, and they’re right–we are confident, which is why we offer a forever guarantee when “most companies offer 10 years”. But our forever support doesn’t just apply to our warranty: we’re here for you from the minute you check us out online. We think you deserve support from us even before your head hits the pillow, and that’s why we provide detailed, transparent, easy-to-understand information on our website, and we’re only ever a phone call away, six days a week.

Price / Affordability

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9.5/10 Leesa


We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but when it comes to buying a mattress, it pays to not simply just check out the price tag, but what your money is really buying you, and that means looking into the quality of materials used, and what benefits they bring to you. “We can certainly say that it will last for a long time,” said “The design promotes extended durability. With this mattress you would be getting a lot for a very low price,” added. We want you good sleep to be available to everyone, whether their budget is big or small.. And since we’ve been fortunate to work with the very best in the business, we’ve managed to cut out the middle-man and work directly on producing the highest quality mattress, at no extra cost to you. “Nectar Sleep mattresses are reasonably priced, so you can get a good night’s sleep without burning a hole in your pocket,” said We’ve worked tirelessly with our production facilities to source only the highest quality materials into the most competitively priced mattress available which we deliver to your door. Because to us, the value on a great night’s sleep, every night is priceless.

*Disclosure: Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews.

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