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Nectar Mattress Vs Emma Mattress Review

Side by Side Comparison
Small Double Price* £699 £449 £550
Warranty Forever 10 years
Home Trial** 365 Nights 100 Nights
Memory Foam 9cm 2cm
Free Delivery Yes Yes
2 Pillows Free £110

*Prices accurate as of 24/03/20. Nectar price is calculated with current £250 off promotion applied. Additional terms & conditions apply to promotion.

**Additional terms and conditions apply.

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Since launch, Emma has developed two mattress models looking to combat the hurdles in mattress shopping and return policies: the Emma Original, and the Emma Hybrid. While we agree that having options can be handy, we set out to do something even better: create the best mattress for everyone’s ultimate comfort. We believe we’ve perfected the one and only mattress you need to see you through night after night of dreamy sleep–no alternative necessary.

It’s the reason we took our time sourcing the best materials, and researching the very best in fabric technology, to build one great mattress that has everything you need: comfort, breathability, coolness, support, and that just-right firmness. We’re passionate about good sleep hygiene and while we know that you’re all different kinds of sleepers, we also know that it takes just one mattress to get it right.

And so, in this comparison, we’ve put ourselves up against the Emma Original to see we fare in the opinion of popular review sites. Turns out, if you keep things simple, and focus on the one key factor in any mattress design (sleep, of course), then you really can’t go wrong.


How much difference can one layer make to your sleep? Well, it’s the difference between a good night’s sleep, and an incredible one. This isn’t some Princess and the Pea kind of fussiness, but a real case of how each of our four layers works hard throughout your sleep, optimising your comfort through heat regulation, pressure points, and contouring. Individually, each layer plays an important part, but together they work like a solid team of sleep experts with one goal in mind: your best sleep. We’ve put the time and effort into each layer to ensure the kind of comfort royalty might expect, with extra little details that all add to that “Aaah” moment when you slip into bed at night. “Each layer plays its own role in keeping you comfortable through the night,” explained Our mattress construction involves one further layer than Emma’s design, and we think every layer counts.

There’s a reason why we’re the only company to offer a 365 Nights Trial …find out why.

Cool Sleeping

Once again, we have your sleep covered, and just at the right temperature to keep you comfortable throughout the night–which all begins with our Adaptive Cooling cover. “It’s very breathable and absorbs moisture very efficiently,” said of our cover’s design. “This means that it can support the body’s natural regulating mechanism and allow you to stay cool during sleep.” A hard-working design that lets you sleep in peace: perfect. Beyond this rather cool cover, you’ll find two further layers of unique, hard working foam designed to increase air circulation and provide cool contouring, supported by a dense base layer that acts as a breathable foundation. Around the clock, you’re kept cool with modern memory-foam mastery that shakes off the dusty old assumption of that dense memory-foam mattresses just won’t circulate air. “One of the big problems of memory foam is that it traps in a lot of heat and can be really uncomfortable to sleep on. Not with the Nectar mattress,” said “[The] layer of cooling foam is 30x more breathable than other premium memory foams, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.”

Warranty / Home Trial

Forever Warranty Nectar vs. 10 Years Emma

*from Emma website

When we talk about our mattress – to friends, family, new customers, strangers on the bus (we’re only slightly sorry about that last one) – we speak loud and proud, and we stand by our word: we’re genuinely excited and confident about the mattress we’ve worked hard to create, and we want to share the goodness of great sleep with everyone. “The trial period is 365 nights, an entire year, and since it can take time to break in or get used to a new mattress, this really is ideal. […] with the Forever warranty, you have an even more cost effective choice,” said Having the freedom to be able to take your time to make the right choice is crucial, and our confidence in our mattress means we can offer you confidence (and comfort) in turn–and that’s why we won’t be beaten. “Nectar Sleep is a unique company in that it offers options that are far above and unlike any other options offered by other online mattress manufacturers,” said We’re unique, because so are you.

Sleeping hot

Worried that an all-foam mattress will have you kicking off the bed-covers in the middle of the night because you’re overheating? You can stay cosy and cool with the smart Adaptive cooling cover of our mattress, which is the first of our four layers to get to work as soon as you lie down. “The Nectar mattress sleeps quite cool due to the use of breathable, temperature regulating foams that disperse body heat,” said “Also their Adaptive cooling cover is softer, more breathable, and better at absorbing moisture than any premium cotton.”

One of the many reasons that we believe that our stress-free 365-night trial period is important, is that it enables you to test your temperature during every season. “It’s [the cover] a custom design with a temperature sensitive polymer (Nectar Adaptive Cooling) which gives the cover two main benefits: it’s very breathable and it absorbs moisture very efficiently. I personally felt that the cover did a good job here but would like to see how it will perform in the summer,” said And the good news is, you can see how it – and other aspects perform – all year round.

Motion transfer

Motion transfer can be a tricky one to get right, especially when you hear talk of how traditional memory foam mattresses might minimise movement, but leave you with that sinking feeling–literally. And let’s face it, we don’t just use our beds for sleep. A long-lasting mattress ought to be able to provide wonderful rest in order to leave you and your partner with plenty of energy to enjoy each other, too. The only problem is that with some all-foam mattresses, movement is so reduced, that you are left without any bounce at all, and that can make things, well, a little more awkward when it comes to getting intimate. That’s not the case with the Nectar, as our clever-layering maximises comfort and ease-of-movement, without causing any disturbance. “It [Nectar] can control various weights and amounts of pressure. It also has a great reaction to sudden movements. It’s great for co-sleeping since it isolates motion,” said Think of our motion transfer capabilities as the “do not disturb” sign you might hang on your bedroom door: you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a supportive mattress, without any interruptions. This includes for sleeping sound throughout the night – even if your partner or pet likes to toss and turn.

no more


When we began researching the materials for our mattress, we didn’t just consider durability, or comfort, but their impact on the environment–and you. That’s why our mattresses are made from certified pure foam. We strove to create a mattress that has the biggest, best impact on your sleep health, without compromising anything else. This is why you won’t find any unwanted materials hidden within our design, so you needn’t worry about breathing in any damaging chemicals that can be wrongly associated with that “off-gassing” smell. “All materials are tested, safe, and suitable for people with sensitive skin or respiratory system[s],” said Any scent you might sniff is just the result of some careful (and might we also add, environmentally-conscious) packaging in order to make sure your mattress is in perfect condition when delivered to your door. “It is totally normal and goes away,” agreed Some fresh sheets laid across your new mattress and some soothing lavender oil will see you off to sleep on your first night with no lingering trace of any off-gassing.

Customer support

While we searched high and low for a score on customer support, we came to the realisation that maybe our unique customer service just can’t be graded. We don’t just offer all the things you should come to expect from a quality company (such as free shipping; a six-days a week support team available to contact via phone, online chat, or email; and an exceptional, transparent trial-period and guarantee period), but go the extra mile with detailed online information, handy sleep-guides, and easy-to-read brochures that you can read in comfort at your own leisure when you receive your new Nectar mattress. While some might find us surprisingly generous, we think we offer just the kind of support you deserve: after all, you’re the backbone of our business, and we wouldn’t sleep easy if you weren’t happy. “[Nectar is] a mattress that comes with the best service, guarantee, and customer support,” said You’re worth it.

Price / Affordability

*No direct comparison available

When it comes to parting with your hard-earned cash, we know it can be tempting to just simply look at the price-tag. But with a Nectar mattress, you’re guaranteed a return investment in your sleep, as we don’t just offer a competitive price, but a whole lot of value in our product, too. Working directly with suppliers, and being involved in the manufacturing process from beginning to end meansthat we’re able to keep our prices honest and affordable: the only thing we’ll ever upsell you is your sleep. “With this mattress you would be getting a lot for a very low price,” agreed In a market filled with folk looking to change their own past purchasing experience, we’re hoping to change your perception on the experience you’re about to have: purchasing your best mattress ever. And the word ‘best’ is key, because we only use the best materials, and the best minds and the best practices in sleep technology to bring you a mattress that goes up against high-end, luxury models, without the exorbitant price tag. “With the high and positive consumer ratings on construction, bounce, comfort, and all the additional benefits, the Nectar mattress is certainly a good value for your money,” said You shouldn’t be short-changed on your sleep. And when we know our mattress will last you Forever, we wouldn’t want to skimp on the materials, would we?

*Disclosure: Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

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