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Nectar Mattress Vs Casper Mattress Review

Side by Side Comparison

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There’s no denying that positive praise from popular review sites, and glowing feedback from our customers makes us feel good. “Nectar Sleep joins the club of high-quality products,” said “Nectar Sleep mattress could take home the victory.” We’re blushing. But that’s the kind of victory we’re after, because it’s centred around making you feel good–and that makes us feel good, too.

What else makes you feel good? Being sure you’ve invested your money wisely in a memory foam mattresses that goes above and beyond the usual specs? Confidence in the knowledge that your memory foam mattress will accommodate you, no matter what position you like to sleep in? How about the assuredness that you can lie back, relax, and sleep soundly, worry free, with unbeatable customer support and service? Yup: when it comes to ticking all the boxes, Nectar stands firm on the scoreboard. “This bed is promptly skyrocketing in performance and gaining recognition in the marketplace for its solely comfortable and supportive features as well as its economical price,” says

We know you value your sleep and your budget, which is why we’ve created the highest-quality mattress with an honest price that reflects our guarantee to you, and our product: there’s no cutting corners here–which is why popular review sites rate us so highly and we think we’re worth shouting about.

Small Double Price: Nectar: £699 | Casper: £525
Warranty: Nectar: Forever | Casper: 10 years
Home Trial: Nectar: 365 Nights | Casper: 100 Nights
Thickness: Nectar: 10” | Casper: 9.5”

Overall score

9.3/10 Nectar vs. 9.2/10 Casper


There are some things that we know we won’t be beaten on (hint: it’s our Forever warranty and 365-night trial period); we’ve worked long and hard to bring you the very best memory foam mattress for your sleep, but, well, it’s always good to hear it from other experts in the sleep arena, too. “The Nectar mattress has made a name for itself in the United States and is now […] offering the same great online shopping and ordering experience with the excellent quality of manufacturing, delivery, and customer service,” said

We also champion complete transparency (and to be honest, we’re rather proud of all the hard work that goes into each of the layers of our memory foam mattresses – call it humble bragging, if you will), and honesty is ever-important in today’s popular and growing sleep market. “The Nectar mattress is not only good for you, but also for the planet,” said We know that it’s just as important to meet the needs of you, as well as the needs of the planet. We also champion keeping things as local as possible. “[Nectar mattresses] will be manufactured and packed entirely in Britain. By doing this, Nectar assures customers that all materials and labour that go into making each mattress are locally sourced,” added. It’s the little things that all add up to create an enviable, and unbeatable overall score. When it comes to an overall product, we know it’s about so much more than selling a product. Just like our practices, customer satisfaction comes down to transparency and sustainability.


9.5/10 Nectar vs. 8.5/10 Casper


We think our unbeatable comfort comes down to the fact that we use only the very best materials in our design, as noted. “Nectar is […] combining high quality durable materials with pretty smart designs.” With four layers of Smart Sleep including our Nectar Smart memory foam layer, and Pressure Relieving memory foam, we have to admit that we think it’s a pretty clever construction, too. says we’re “one of a kind”, highlighting our commitment to helping you sleep better–even if you suffer from aches and pains, rating us as one of the best, thanks to the pressure relief our mattresses provide. “[Nectar is] one of the best foam mattresses highly rated for people with back pain issues.” We’ve packed quality, passion, and smart sleep science into every layer for optimal results.

While there might be plenty of memory foam mattresses on the market, they’re certainly not all made equal. And while Nectar is an all-foam mattress, it’s the clever, thoughtful layers that make all the difference. “It offers just the right level of firmness, comfort, coolness, and breathability to provide you with the best sleeping experience in your life,” said Every layer of memory foam counts as a key component to your most comfortable sleep ever.


Small Double Price** £699 £525
Warranty Forever 10 years
Home Trial*** 365 Nights 100 Nights
Thickness 10” 9.5”
Overall Score* 9.3 9.2
Comfort* 9.5 8.5
Cool Sleeping* 9.1 9.1
Warranty / Home Trial* 10 9
Sleeping Hot* 9.4 9.3
Motion Transfer* 9.4 9.4
Off-Gassing* 9.2 9.5
Customer Service* 9.4 9.3
Price* 9.8 7

* Reference (,,

* Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

** Prices accurate as of 24/09/18

***Additional terms and conditions apply.

Cool sleeping

9.1/10 Nectar vs. 9.1/10 Casper


When it comes to getting the temperature just right, was quick to discover the beauty of a breathable memory foam layer, and our Adaptive cooling cover, understanding the importance of smart construction for good sleep health. “Unique features keep the mattress feeling fresh and new every day, thereby contributing to a therapeutic peaceful night of sleep for you as well as your sleep partner.” And think–that’s just looking at two of the mattresses four layers at work. “Besides smart layer construction, the cooling effect of this mattress also contributes to the comfortability,” said We think that the two go hand-in-hand: the right temperature is going to keep you comfortable, and ensure a sound night’s rest. It’s the kind of science that sends you to sleep–without any of the boring classroom bits.

Warranty / Home Trial

Forever Warranty Nectar vs. 10 years Casper

*from Casper website

It may come as no surprise to you that when it comes to drawing comparisons, we score highly–and for good reason. It’s not just the longevity of our home trial (a whole 365 nights, so you can test our mattress throughout the seasons), or the Nectar Forever warranty (we don’t think you can go any better than Forever, do you?), but the fact that we’re good to our word because we know you’ll love our memory foam mattress just as much as we do. “That’s a massive promise from any company that they have a great mattress, and Nectar live up to that,” said of our warranty.

When it comes to shopping online, we know you’re spoilt for choice, but you’re not necessarily spoilt in terms of quality choice. “The whole one year of the trial itself proves how confident Nectar Sleep is about customers loving this product. The company believes that it takes time for the body to get used to a new mattress, and thus the 365-day trial,” explained Here at Nectar, we pride ourselves on shaking up the market and challenging the industry standards, because sleep truly is a worthy investment, and we’re proud to lead the way and shape a better shop and sleep experience. When there’s so much choice, and a lot of fancy terminology thrown around, we think it’s best to let you see (and sleep) for yourselves why our mattress has your best interest in mind. And if that means you need some time to experience it for yourself, then we’re happy to make that possible.

Sleeping hot

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9.3/10 Casper


You may have heard the old sales-room chat that “memory foam mattresses retain heat”, but with smart-layer technology, each hard-working layer is actually designed to do the opposite–keeping you fresh and comfortable all night long. “Four different layers of memory foam envelop your shape and align your spine in the correct position for comfortable rest, while the adaptive cooling cover […] keep the temperature under control,” said

When it came to testing out our mattress for sleeping hot, we knew we’d be able to keep our cool: “This mattress did an excellent job of keeping us cool throughout the whole night. Its special technology prevented the buildup of heat and sweating and it totally eliminated that sticky, sweaty feeling present with many other all foam mattresses,” they said. We all know that horrible feeling when you spend the night tossing and turning, going between kicking off the covers and pulling them back on again: with our mattress, you can fall asleep – and stay asleep – knowing that each layer is working hard to keep you at your most comfortable sleeping temperature.

Motion transfer

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9.4/10 Casper


Sharing your sleep space is an important part of any relationship, and if you happen to have experienced the wrong kind of mattress before, then you know it can cause all sorts of tension and disruption in your sleeping and waking hours. “Both motion transfer control and edge support are ideal with the Nectar mattress,” said “You can benefit greatly from the way the memory foam negates the transfer of motion, especially if you sleep with a partner.” It’s true: each layer works well with your body – and your partner’s – in order to minimise any disturbance made from shifting positions or getting in or out of bed while one person is still sleeping.

With a more harmonious night’s sleep for you and your partner, you’ll find you have more energy for more amorous activities–and our foam mattresses are great for that, too! “The mattress also has enough bounce and responsiveness which facilitates moving around in bed and getting in and out of it and makes it ideal for sex as well!” said When it comes to noticing motion, the best time is when you and your partner are feeling anything less than tired.

no more


9.2/10 Nectar vs. 9.5/10 Casper


You know that brand-new smell: when it comes to unpackaging any new product, there’s an odor that you don’t necessarily mind, but hope won’t linger. This can include new mattresses. “You may experience a slight off-gassing, with a very minimal smell,” said of our mattress. “This should disperse quickly and be of little concern, since it is non-toxic.” In fact, when it comes to producing an eco-friendly, good-to-you product, Nectar has thought of everything. Our packaging is FSC approved, while our mattress and mattress cover manufacturing is climate neutral. On top of that, we’re also proud to hold CertiPur certification. “Nectar are the first and only mattress company to offset all their carbon emissions which is really awesome,” said We think so, too. When it comes to being responsible and kind to the environment, we’re proud to do our part.

Customer support

9.4/10 Nectar vs. 9.3/10 Casper


By introducing “many firsts in the industry”, popular review sites such as rate us high above the the rest in customer service and more. Our service, too, isn’t just about your sleep, but about your peace of mind, and considering the practicalities of such a big purchase–including how the mattress arrives to you. “Nectar offer a free delivery service for all mattresses”. With us, we’ve got your shop to sleep covered, from A to Zzz.

Price / Affordability

9.8/10 Nectar vs. 7/10 Casper


We know you pay attention to all the details, which is why you’ll have spotted that our small double mattress is slightly more expensive than Casper’s. But we also know that you’re spend-savvy, and you not only want value for money, but quality too–and that’s why we’re very proud of our smart price point. “Casper is a good mattress,” said, “but not the best, especially when we take price into consideration.” Popular review sites, too, have caught on to the fact that they get a whole lot more for their money when they invest in Nectar. agree: “you get a high-quality product at a very friendly price.” spotted it too; quality beyond the normal price threshold: “The Nectar UK mattress is extremely reasonably priced. If you’re looking for an affordable bed built with high-quality materials, at a great price and shipped directly to your doorstep, your search should end here.” Our thoughts? Investing wisely buys you a whole lot more, and this is why, despite the fractional price difference, Nectar comes out ahead of Casper.

*Disclosure: Nectar may compensate third-parties for purchases made through the links in their reviews

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