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Which mattress size is right for you?

Use this handy mattress dimension guide to find your perfect match.

While we think it’s great to have so much choice in life, there are some purchases that require some simplifying, with clear facts and guidance to cut through all the sales jargon. And when you happen to be making one of the most important purchases you’ll make – a new mattress – we’re here to help you make the right choice. When it comes to choosing your new mattress, size is everything, but all those options and names and dimensions can get pretty confusing, so we’ve created a straightforward, no-nonsense guide so you can find the mattress that’s just-right for you. There’s no better feeling that knowing you’ve made a smart purchase that will have you sleeping soundly–and with a Forever Warranty, you’re investing in a mattress that fits your room and your life.

Single 35.5″ X 75″ 90cm X 190cm
Small Double 47″ X 75″ 120cm X 190cm
Double 53″ X 75″ 135cm X 190cm
King 59″ X 79″ 150cm X 200cm
Super King 71″ X 79″ 180cm X 200cm

This simple, smart guide will help you navigate your way through the various bed sizes available, and all that common sales-floor terminology, so you can find the best mattress to fit you, your home, and your lifestyle.


71″ x 79″

Best For: Those with longer limbs who value their stretching space when they’re sharing with a partner or even a pet.

Room Size: A master bedroom with generous proportions (we’d suggest 14 by 19 feet) allows for symmetry in your layout: a pair of bedside tables will frame a Super King bed, but provide plenty of room for walking around, and perhaps even a chaise longue for that extra touch of royalty in the bedroom.

Nectar Mattress California King

Summary: If you’re shopping for a large mattress, then you’ll no doubt be considering a King or Super King. So what’s the main difference between these two majestic mattresses? With the Super King, you’re looking at a whole 12” difference, which lends a more balanced, overall size in length and width. The extra luxury here means that if your partner happens to need a little more space (or, you know, the family dog tends to like to sleep right in the middle of the bed), you won’t feel like you’re compromised on your own space.

If you’re a fan of your own space and you sleep with a partner, then a Super King can sound like a super idea, but you are going to want to make sure you’ve got the floorspace for it. Struggling to visualise the placement amid your other bedroom furnishings? A good way to make sure you’re picking the right size for your space is to mark out the measurements of the mattress with tape (or string): there’s nothing worse than realising, once you’ve brought the mattress up the stairs, that you’ll be squeezed up against the wall when it comes to changing the sheets. At Nectar, we take the stress out of mattress shopping, with a direct-to-door free shipping service, and smart packaging that makes unwrapping your mattress and getting set to sleep like royalty straight away.

Nectar Mattress King


59″ x 79″

Best For: A couple who loves to stretch out, and maybe even share their sleeping space with a pet.

Room Size: When it comes to making the most of your room and your shared sleeping space, a King size bed is the perfect choice–no compromise needed. If you’re wondering how to work a king size bed into your bedroom, then it’s helpful to know that a room of 13 by 13 feet will comfortably accommodate this generously sized mattress with enough room for additional furniture such as a bedside table (or two if you’re going for symmetry) and a chest of drawers with room to be able to move around with ease.

Summary: The generous proportions of a king mattress allows for plenty of comfort and uninterrupted sleep, even if you share with a partner or a well-pampered pet. We take the stress out of delivery with our Free Delivery service to your door. If you’re working with a cosier fit, you might want to consider an open or floating bed frame in order to create an inviting space that doesn’t appear cramped. Then get ready to sleep like a king.


53″ x 75″

Best For: A couple who like to cuddle, working with a modestly-sized bedroom, or someone who doesn’t want their space dominated by their bed.

Room Size: To comfortably fit a Double mattress, and still leave that all-important walk-around space and fit other furniture in your bedroom, it’s advisable to have a room that measures at least 9.6 feet by 10 feet in size. The slightly neater proportions of this mattress make it a popular options for couples still looking to sleep happily together, but without the same grand bedroom proportions that would allow for a size-up.

Nectar Mattress Full

Summary: There’s a reason that Double mattresses are popular with so many co-sleeping couples, as they allow a comfortable amount of space without dominating a more modest (and let’s face it, more common) bedroom size. A Double mattress isn’t just great for couples who like to cuddle before bed, but for singles too, who enjoy a little extra stretching space (starfish sleeping is always fun when you’ve got some extra room on your side). The neater, trimmer proportions of a Double compared with a King (5 inches less in width and 4 inches in length) are just enough to create a neater look in your bedroom, allowing you to still add your style with other items of furniture.

While a king or even a super king might seem tempting, the larger proportions of the larger mattresses on the market aren’t always as practical. When you’re working with a smaller space, or just not keen on having your bed-space dominate your room, a Double can provide the comfort you need for two, with a little room leftover for those bed-loving pets, or a child that enjoys a bedtime story and cuddle. The Double mattresses is a people-pleaser for good reason, and a smart choice for many sleepers.

Nectar Mattress Twin XL

Small Double

47″ x 75″

Best For: Teenagers, young children with parents who like to read to them in bed, or a single person with a dog.

Room Size: The clue’s in the name here: a Small Double works wonders in smaller spaces, so if you’re looking to work around other key items of bedroom furniture, such as a bedside table and a compact wardrobe, then you’re best working with a comfortable space of at least 9 feet by 9.6 feet in size to leave you with manageable room for a Small Double mattress.

Summary: While the name might be helpful in clueing you in on size, this mattress isn’t really designed for two-in-a-bed, which might make you do a double-take when it comes to making those all-important size decisions. Yup–while this smart-sized mattress is ideal for a smaller space, it isn’t as great at sleeping two. Instead, a Small Double is a smart solution for a single sleeper working with a smaller space that still wants a bit of roll-over room. It’s a slightly more “grown-up” option too, meaning it works well for teenagers, or for a child who likes to have a parent read to them before sleep. And of course, for dog and cat lovers, those few extra inches can make all the difference when a pet settles down by your side for the night.

So if you’re looking for a tidy solution for a small room that’s not going to lessen your sleep space than a Small Double could be your perfect mattress. Just remember that if you happen to share your bed often or all the time, it may be worth sizing up to make sure your sleep is comfortable without being too cosy!


35.5″ x 75″

Best For: Young children up to 12 years old, and guest bedrooms.

Room Size: When it comes to considering your guest bedroom space, or choosing for the right mattress for a child, a Single mattress is a popular choice–and with good reason. Often you’re working with a smaller room (and sometimes a smaller body!), If you’re looking to place a Single mattress in your home, then you’re going to want to work with a space that’s at least 8 feet by ten feet in size, allowing plenty of room for a standing mirror and bedside table for your guests, perhaps, or to be able to walk around those inevitable toys that end up on the floor.

Nectar Mattress Twin

Summary: When it comes to length, you’re not losing any inches off the end when you compare with a Small Double or even a Double mattress, but the trimmer width means you can work comfortably with that narrow box-room you’ve been looking to change up into a guest bedroom. And with no compromise on the length of this mattress, young, fast-growing children can still stretch out and sleep comfortably.

The extra bonus is that two singles pushed together provide the same width measurement as a Super King–just without the additional length! So if you happen to be a savvy guest host from time to time, and have a little extra room to work with, you could maximise sleepovers with two Single mattresses that will work almost the same as a luxurious Super King when couples come to stay.


While there are many different mattress sizes on this list, there is no singular “best size”: choosing a mattress is personal to you, and this guide is designed to help you make the right choice for your needs and living space. Once you’ve considered how much space you have to work with in your bedroom, and how much space you like in bed, then your ready to make the most important decision of all: what mattress you want to spend each night sleeping on. When it comes to sleeping right, you can’t go wrong with Nectar.


Even though we’re here to help you have your best sleep every single night, there really is no best mattress size–only what works best for your lifestyle and needs. When you begin your search, we recommend that you first work with the space your mattress is going to occupy. You’re most likely going to want to add – if you don’t already have – other pieces of furniture in the room, and getting in and out of bed, and moving around your room shouldn’t be a hassle. Once you’ve got your space sussed, you’ll also want to consider who’s going to be sleeping on your mattress. Whether you sleep alone, or share the bed with a pet, no two sleep situations are the same. If you fall asleep curled up on your side, but your partner tends to starfish-spread on their back, then you’re mostly likely going to want to go for that little extra space so both your needs are met.While you need enough space, the most important consideration for your rest is sleeping on a comfortable and supportive mattress. Use our mattress dimensions guide to see which Nectar is right for you.

A Small Double size bed is large enough for two if it is a parent reading their child a bedtime story, or a couple sleeping so close together they will be touching. For two adults, a Small Double provides very limited room for each, so either of you like to roll away after a cuddle at night, you’re most likely going to find yourself running out of room. Realistically, if you’re looking for the rest you deserve, a Small Double is more practical for a single sleeper.

Most couples choose to have a King or Super King sized bed based on preference for more space for each person. However since space can be limited, the next most popular bed size for couples is a Double. Unfortunately anything smaller than a Double is going to be a tight squeeze and you will feel your partner rolling around at night. A King size Nectar memory foam bed reduces motion transfer significantly so you will get a great night’s sleep with partners and/or pets in the bed.

You should get the bed that fits your room best, making sure you consider ease of movement around your bed, and other items of furniture. Use our mattress guide to help you determine the best size mattress for your room.

Some couples like to sleep in a smaller bed to feel close and cuddly, while others prefer a little space. Sleeping well with your partner is helpful for marriage. Being in a bed that is too small and feeling your partner toss and turn, or feeling crammed into bed won’t be fun for anyone. When you wake up rested, you will be more prone to have a healthy, happy marriage. However, when you have a bed like Nectar that reduces motion transfer, and has an Adaptive cooling cover so you’ll never sleep hot, some of the size-related issues diminish.

The largest bed manufactured is a SuperKing. At 71 inches wide by 79 inches long, the Super King mattress is a whole 12 inches wider than a King size mattress, but still provides the same length.

No, you should not use a Double mattress on a Small Double frame as it will not fit. A Double is wider than a Small Double, so you need a Double frame for a Double mattress. It’s always best to match up your mattress, frame, and sheet sizes for your best night’s rest.

A good mattress should be 10 to 15 inches thick. Depending on the combination of foams, coils, latex, and covers, mattresses will vary in size. The thickness can affect how comfortable a mattress is, and Nectar mattress has found that the ideal thickness is 10 inches in order to be comfortable, soft, and supportive. We use multiple layers of premium contouring foams to build the most comfortable mattress. We found that a great mattress should be at least 10 inches thick, with luxury mattresses usually being 15 inches.

The best mattresses are normally 10 to 15 inches thick. Depending on the combination of foams, coils, latex, and covers, mattresses will vary in height, but you want to look for something in the range of 10-15 inches for optimal comfort. The thickness can affect how comfortable your bed is, and Nectar mattress has found that the ideal thickness is 10 inches in order to be comfortable, soft, and supportive. We use multiple layers of premium contouring foams to build the most comfortable mattress. We found that a great mattress should be at least 10 inches thick, with luxury mattresses usually being 15 inches.