Happiful Oct 25, 2018

Major Study Reveals The UK's Most 'Sleepless Cities'

October 25, 2018

An active brain, stress and late night TV-binging are among the top reasons for Brits not switching off at night

A study by new mattress company Nectar Sleep, who conducted unique late night social media analysis, has identified the UK’s most sleep-deprived cities. They mapped the number of people awake and talking about their inability to sleep online between the hours of midnight and 5am. Key phrases included “I can’t sleep”, “I’m awake” and “insomnia”. This was then combined with nationwide research.

According to the data, Middlesbrough (12.3%), Reading (12.1%) and Cardiff (11%) are the top three cities that sleep the least. Birmingham (10.9%) and Bournemouth (10.3%) made up the remainder of the top five sleepless cities.

When the researchers studied the sleep habits of Middlesbrough, in particular, it came as little surprise that so many people are online late at night. Nearly half (42%) of those in the city admit to often having sleepless nights and a third (32%) say that they are not satisfied with the amount of sleep they are currently getting.

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