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Sleeping Soundly: Does Listening to Music Help You Sleep?

Who doesn’t love a little music? From the radio tunes in the car that have you singing at the top of your lungs, to those beats that have you secretly tapping your feet in the office, there’s nothing like a little melody to boost your mood. But did you know that music can be used as a method to relax...

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How to Spot Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

We spend a third of our lives asleep—but do we really? It turns out that us Brits are not sleeping enough—certainly not the recommended seven to nine hours; The Sleep Council found that seventy percent of people in the UK get seven hours or less a night. That rest is important. There's a surprising amount of activity happening when we...

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From Single to King: Bed Size Dimensions Broken Down

When it comes to choosing the right kind of mattress, we know that support and comfort are the foundations to a great night’s sleep every night, and with a Forever warranty, a 365-night home trial, and a five-layer smart mattress that works with all bed frames, we know we’ve got a winning formula, making your shopping experience a whole lot...

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Nectar Investigates How to Boost Your Work Performance with Sleep

If you find yourself hogging the coffee machine at work, or thinking about being in bed when your boss mentions “thinking outside the box”, then the chances are that you’re not getting enough sleep at night—and that can have a real long-run problem for your work productivity. Just a few extra hours rest a night would make a boost to...

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The Nectar Guide to Bedtime Drinks For Easier Sleep

There’s something relaxing about winding down with a drink at the end of the day. In summer, there’s nothing lovelier than an ice-cold, tall glass of water with lemon, while in the winter we find ourselves reaching for that comforting mug of cocoa. But did you know that you can encourage some sweet slumber, depending on the drink you sip...

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