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Your Guide To The 5 Best Types Of Mattress

Best Type of Mattress: A great night’s sleep requires a comfortable sleeping environment. And creating this sleep oasis starts with choosing the best type of mattress for your personal needs. However, with so many latex and memory foam mattresses to choose from, settling on the right type can be hard. That said — we’ve got you covered! Luckily for you,...

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Tencel Vs. Cotton: Which is Better?

Cotton is a well-known type of fabric that is commonly used in garments, bed sheets, and the like, but it seems that there is another type of material that is breaking into the scene, called Tencel. We all love cotton, no doubt about that, but Tencel fabric seems to have a lot to offer. Made from cellulose found in the...

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Breaking In A New Mattress - Sleeping On A Mattress Immediately

Buying a mattress is an exciting prospect for those who haven’t been sleeping well on their current mattress and hope to get one step closer to getting a good night’s sleep. And once you are done with mattress shopping, and it has been finally delivered to your home, the question you’ll most likely ask is whether you should sleep on...

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How To Stop Snoring - Naturally, Devices, Surgical Options

How To Stop Snoring - We all breathe during sleep, but not all of us snore. If you happen to be part of the slice of the population that do snore, you are in good company. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 90 million American adults snore, 37 million of which snore on a regular basis. Even more, 25...

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Not Your Nana’s Mattress Protector - Modern Mattress Buying Guide

Article at a Glance: What Is A Mattress Protector Benefits Of Mattress Protectors What About Mattress Pads Tips In Buying Mattress Protector Mattress Protector - Most of us take our mattresses for granted, especially when we simply use whatever it is that our parents bought for us. But now that we have reached adulthood and are beginning to buy our...

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