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12 Times Cats Mastered The Art Of Napping

When it comes it role models for napping, look no further than our feline friends. At any random moment in the day, we can bear witness to their mastery of the craft, epitomized by the “cat nap.” Even more, it appears as though cats put sleep on a pedestal where it belongs (partially because they can actually sleep on pedestals)....

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From Then to Now: A Timeline of Mattress Innovation

Sleep has been man’s best friend since the beginning of time. But when your bed feels like a rock—or actually is a rock—you probably won’t get restful zzz’s. Thanks to modernization and ingenuity (and a lot of cranky sleepers), mattresses—and sleep—are now better than ever. And the newest memory foam mattresses feature some of the most innovative technology you’ll find...

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Sleeping Habits Of People Across UK

Many people in the UK view their capability or inability to sleep as more of a roulette situation, relying on sheer luck for their sleep. It is as if they have to wait for the Sandman to come down and spread some ‘sleep dust’ for them to have a good night’s sleep. But, a good night’s sleep is important for...

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