The Best Bedroom Plants: Adding Freshness to Your Bedroom

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Bedroom Plants - A room that is pleasing to the eye goes a long way to improve your mood and help reduce stress and anxiety. Any room that is tidy and beautiful feels calming and can give you peace of mind. It is doubly important to have a bedroom that is conducive for relaxation because that room is supposed to be your sanctuary and your place of rest. If you want a great night’s sleep, changing up your room decor could help in getting you in the mood for rest and improving the quality of your sleep. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to spruce up your bedroom is by adding plants. Plants are a breath of fresh air — literally and figuratively. They absorb carbon monoxide and dioxide, produce oxygen, help purify the air around them, and (for flowering plants) give off a pleasant scent. You may keep a small pot on your bedside table, a planter box on your windowsill, or a hanging basket attached to your ceiling. Bedroom Plants

Best Bedroom Plants

When choosing a plant for your bedroom, there is more than just aesthetics to consider, so don’t just pick the first potted plant that you think will look pretty in your reading nook. For instance, a certain plant may look pretty but ask yourself: does it belong in your bedroom? Can it grow and thrive indoors? Also, how big will the plant grow? And what about the upkeep? Maintaining a plant indoors is very different from taking care of it in a yard or a garden. And don’t forget about possible allergies! Make sure they were not treated with chemicals and toxins such as chemical fertilizers, formaldehyde, and xylene and toluene, that may end up harming you, your family, or pets. You should also check for spiders and other insects. You don’t want them making a home in your room. Below is a list of 13 household and indoor plants that will freshen up your bedroom.


Succulents are all the rage these days! They’re popping up in every stylish flat and on every expertly-edited tablescape. Not only do succulents look super chic, but they are also ridiculously easy to maintain. They only need to be watered once a week. They also don’t need exposure to direct sunlight. They usually come in tiny pots or in terrariums, making them perfect for small apartments or as desk ornaments. You might want to pass on this if you have young kids and pets. They might not be able to resist touching it.


Another beautiful plant to consider is the yucca. This medium-sized shrub will fit perfectly in a gorgeous Spanish mission-style home. You will need to keep it in a deep and heavy pot to keep it from toppling over, but other than that, it’s pretty low maintenance. You don’t need to water it often but it does need ample sun exposure. Place it on your bedroom balcony or beside a large window.


The aloe plant is actually considered a succulent as well. But unlike its spiky cousin, the cactus, the aloe plant is not just pretty to look at, you can also incorporate it into your beauty routine. If you’re looking to go organic, the aloe plant has been shown to have moisturizing properties for your skin. This low maintenance plant also has air purifying capabilities.

Bamboo Palm

Also known as reed palm, this plant will add a sophisticated touch with a hint of tropical charm to any room. It can grow quite tall so it’s best to place it in a large pot. This plant has adapted to grow well indoors too, so you do not have to bring it out into the sun. Indirect sunlight should suffice. Some experts advise using collected rainwater to water the bamboo palm because it contains natural fertilizer.

Boston Fern

Ferns are probably the best known and most common type of indoor plants, probably because ferns are hearty and very easy to take care of. The Boston Fern is only one variety of fern but it’s pretty special. Aside from its gorgeous arching fronds, this plant can help filter out formaldehyde from the air. If you’re new to horticulture and have no experience taking care of plants, whether indoor or outdoor, the Boston Fern would make a great “starter plant”.


If you want to have sweet dreams, look no further than the beautiful jasmine flowering plant. When buying from a nursery, ask for the particular variety of jasmine that has sweet-smelling flowers and blooms at night. The jasmine requires quite a bit of upkeep--the soil should always be kept moist and it needs direct sunlight. It might also need regular doses of liquid fertilizer and some light pruning. We think it’s worth it. Just imagine going to bed surrounded by the sweet scent of jasmine.

Spider Plant

There is something so charming about the long, two-tone and fast-growing shoots of the spider plant. It can look great in any bedroom because it pairs well with any color ceramic pot. Fortunately, and since this plant is fast-growing, you can keep repotting it and have as many pots in the space as your room will allow. It also looks great hanging on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Plus, it only needs to be watered once a week!

English Ivy

If you don’t like the idea of having bulky pots on your tables and on your bedroom floor, consider a climbing plant that you can hang in a basket on a wall. The dainty English Ivy features delicate curly tendrils and a boho-chic appeal. As dainty as it looks, it’s quite sturdy and versatile. It can survive and flourish rather well as an indoor plant. It’s ok to expose it to indirect sunlight, but the English Ivy thrives better in full shade.

Snake Plant

If you have a modern and minimalist theme going on in your bedroom and you want an ornamental plant that will fit right in, check out the snake plant. It’s clean and sleek and ridiculously easy to care for. It has sturdy leaves that can tolerate low, bright, and medium lights. You only need to water it occasionally, make sure you wait for the soil to dry before watering it again.

Lucky Bamboo

Whether or not you are superstitious and you believe that this pretty house plant can give you good fortune, you’d still want to have it in your room. It will look great on your nightstand or on a dresser. It only needs a small pot and will barely take up space. It’s so low maintenance that it’s actually grown in water and can thrive in dim places. No need to throw your window shades open on account of this plant! For very minimal upkeep, it will give your room a stylish zen vibe.

African Violets

If you’re the type of person who appreciates waking up to fresh flowers in their bedroom, go for the African Violets. It features delicately beautiful flowers in a vibrant shade of purple. For a flowering plant, it surprisingly requires very little upkeep and attention. You can place this tiny plant in a cute pot and place it on a bedside table. You will only need to water it once a week! Pour water low, directly into the soil. Try not to get the leaves wet to avoid unsightly water spots.


If your really love flowering plants, consider the violet. It’s not an obvious choice but it’s good for your bedroom. Not only does it look vibrant and beautiful, but it also smells terrific. Who needs air fresheners and scented candles with fresh violets in the room? Choose the small variety that will grow best in a pot indoors. This pretty little thing requires a lot of light so place it near a window. If that’s not enough, you can also place it under artificial light.

Parlor Palm

The tall and stately looking parlor palm is aptly named. It’s been a mainstay in parlors and a popular house plant for a long time. Place it in a nice spot and instantly jazz up a lonely corner in your bedroom. It doesn’t require much sunlight. This plant grows up to 24 inches long, but if you get it young, it will look great in a terrarium. Have you ever wondered what attracts bed bugs? See here